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5 common problems of Pinoy Newbie Dota2 Player

5 common problems of Pinoy Newbie Dota2 Player

Dota2 Pinoy Newbie Player Common Problems!

Valve Corporation developed and published Dota2. It is a free to play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). This video game is a stand-alone sequel to Defense of the Ancients. Dota2 is playing in matches between 2 teams (Dire and Radiant) with five players, where each team should occupy and defend their separate base on the map. Each player single-handedly controls an amazing and powerful hero with remarkable abilities and unlikely styles of play.


Throughout the game match, each player gathers points and items for characters/heroes to fight the opposing team’s heroes, who are achieving the same thing. The first team to destroy the Ancient located in the enemy’s team base which is guarded by defensive towers will win.


In this article, we listed the Top 5 common problems of Newbie Dota2 Players:

Dota2 – Gaming Unit

dota2Dota2’s gameplay is deep; you are required to practice. Do you have a gaming unit at home? If yes, then what are the specifications of your personal computer? Do you know on how to build the best personal gaming computer for Dota2? Gaming unit is the common problems of Dota2 players out there.


The source game engine that drives Dota2 is quite easy on hardware. Your conventional personal computer should be able to manipulate the entire game well, even the high resolutions and the settings. You need to read or investigate first before choosing the best parts for your PC and then be ready to do crazy things to fix your hardware later.



Dota2 video game is quite costly.

Yes, you will need “money” from building the best gaming unit. If you’re running out of budget on acquiring pc, you can always visit internet gaming shop. Obviously, you will pay hourly, your fare plus food allowance (unless you don’t want to eat during the gameplay). Aside from that, you need to consider the bills; electricity & internet connection if you’re playing at home.



time - dota 2There is an expression commonly used by girlfriends/wife;

Dota2 o AKO? (dota2 or me?). 

Players spent most of their time in playing and because of the addiction they forgot their responsibilities to their partners and their selves as well.

This video game is time-consuming, that leads to frustration. Increasing MMR rank is like following a ghost. A typical number that according to Dota haters has utterly no impact on your life yet controls your emotions and feelings.

If you are spending at least 5 hours a day, you will consume 35 hours per week, 175 hours per month and 2,100 hours per year.  But don’t you worry, it is always nice to be addicted on playing Dota2 than taking illegal drugs! Haha!


Internet Connection for Dota2 Player


Unable to connect to the Dota2 network? Are you experiencing network lag in a game? Or Losing your connection to the Dota2 servers while playing? What will you do? Can you tell us the worst trash talk you have said while dealing super slow internet connection? Obviously, you cannot play well if you’ve got this problem!


Honestly, the only secret for that is: You should have at least 2 ISP. Maybe a PLDT Fibr or Globe or Smart or Sky. Why will you need an extra ISP? For you to avoid stress and depression. LOL!


Steam Wallet Reloading

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If you want to get 9k MMR then, you should know the importance of Steam Wallet!

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Posted by Wallet Codes on 22hb September 2017

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