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New Ways Influencer Marketing Changed Brand Advertising

Promoting a brand online has deeply evolved during the last few years. On one hand, the power of social media totally transformed marketing strategies on brand advertising. On the other hand, consumers are more independent and do not believe in the traditional ads that much anymore. Consumers tend to trust third parties that seem to be more authentic and close to their customers or followers. Influencer marketing is the term for this new trend.

What Is An Influencer?

An influencer is a person who built a community of followers in a particular niche and who is able to affect their behavior or decisions by engaging with them and by showing credibility. Many niches are represented and some of them are trending more than others such as beauty, sport, gaming, tech, travel, and lifestyle.

Influencers Are A Form Of Media

Not long ago, advertising relied on TV, Radio and Print to promote brand and create awareness on products. The perpetual growth of technology as it evolves is causing progressively changing marketing strategies and brand advertising.

The internet and social media are the new kids on the block. The number of new media is increasing such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok. Regardless of status, social media able to attract crowds online that derives awareness as well as fame. Even for adorable and comical animals especially on Instagram. You don’t believe me? Have a look at Loki’s Instagram account that has 1.8 million followers!

Furthermore, influencers on social media become experts in their field as they are able to do testing before their official launch. Nowadays consumer look for influencers who are able to offer them insights, tutorial, advise on certain topics or particular niche, pros and cons and etc.

Lewis Hilsenteger Is A Tech Reviewer On The Youtube Channel Called “Unbox Therapy” Counting Over 13 Million Subscribers

New Ways Influencers Changed The Advertising World

Consumer Behavior Changed

The modern consumer is independent and wants to discover a brand by himself or to hear about it from someone he trusts. Hence influencer marketing became a very efficient way to promote a brand. An influencer has the ability to make his audience buy a product, visit a website or follow a brand. In fact, 70% of teen subscribers think that YouTubers are more reliable than celebrities and 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising (Source:

Influencer Marketing Blows Statistics

It is crucial to convert a promotion into sales. Being able to precisely target the right audience for your brand is the best advantage of working with influencers.

An infographic created by One Productions shows an outstanding statistics for advertisers. Influencer marketing can generate up to 11 times the ROI of traditional advertising. Online reviews is considered to be 88% reliable and a trustworthy source for infographic.

Remember Loki, the Instagram dog star we were talking about earlier? It’s awesome how a single post got almost 90k likes as GoPro partnered with the wolfdog to promote an Instagram meet up.

Loki, A Wolfdog Star Of Instagram

How To Choose The Right Influencer For Your Niche?

Targeted Audience

As influencers only relate on specific topics, the hardest part of influencer marketing is to find the right ambassador for your brand. Working with an influencer with millions of followers interested in new technologies might not be the best choice for your flower shop.

Macro VS Micro Influencers

It would be tempting to collaborate directly with the biggest influencers to reach the maximum audience in one shot. Although engagement tends to be decreasing while the followers increase. The influencers with the biggest followership also tend to reach out to their community lesser and rarely engage with them personally.

The Decrease Of Likes And Comments With A Bigger Followership

On the other hand, micro influencers have a better rate when it comes to ‘reach’ and ‘engagement’. They are usually more loyal and trustworthy. And you would probably need to work with several micro influencers in order to achieve your sales target.

Big tech brands often use the micro-influencers strategy for their marketing campaigns, such as Microsoft or Adobe (Source:

Authenticity And Credibility

Having hundreds of thousands of followers is not enough to be a good influencer. Especially after a few scandals revealing that famous influencers did pay for fake followers, fake likes or fake comments to increase their audience and engagement, and negotiate better deals with brands. Others were found guilty of promoting brands that they did not even like just because they were paid for it. Overall, building online followers take time and keeping people’s trust is an every day’s responsibility.

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