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How to Get Diamonds in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has become one of the most popular mobile MOBA to date, alongside Vainglory and Arena of Valor. People can’t help but notice the similarity between Mobile Legends (ML) and League of Legends but the former provides the portability of the mobile game. You’ll find player expertise quite varied, ranging from casual players to pro level.

If you’re new to the game, you won’t be paying much attention to your heroes’ skin or the number of heroes you’re able to play with. Once you’re a veteran and have become more accustomed to the game, you’d instantly notice a new hero or a hero pack when you’re either playing or just browsing through the market.

The heroes in mobile legends are sorted into different classifications and price range depending on their specialties and skills. Some heroes can range from FREE to up to 32,000 Battle Points (BP). Currently, there are 94 heroes available.


Mobile Legends Currencies

If any new hero shows up at any time, that’s when we really feel the need to get those precious diamonds. You’re probably wondering by now, “How do I earn Battle Points or can I use other currencies to buy heroes and hero skins without spending hours into the game?”

You’re in luck! In this game, there are many currencies available, namely Battle Points, Tickets, Skin Fragments (can only be used to buy hero skins) and Diamonds. Before we discuss how to get Diamonds, let’s quickly go over the other currencies available.


Battle Points

Mobile Legends Currencies - Battle Points

Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The easiest and fastest currency you can earn to buy heroes are the Battle Points (BP). It’s pretty simple, why? You earn Battle Points with every match you play. The more you play, the more you earn overtime. You’re awarded a higher number of points every time you win a game. We suggest you play Classic instead of Ranked to get a higher chance of playing against people with lower levels.

It’s not the only way to gain BP but it’s the easiest to access without spending. If you want to know more about how to quickly earn Battle Points, please comment down below so we can create a guide exclusively focusing on that topic. Now, what about Tickets?



Mobile Legends Tickets

Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Tickets are also similar to Battle Points and Diamonds. You can also use them to unlock certain features in the game or purchase heroes and items in the shop. How and where can you obtain them?

  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Daily Supply Rewards
  • Starlight Free & Member Awards
  • Complete Celestial Tasks
  • Connect Social Media Accounts
  • Ranked Season End Rewards
  • Events & Mailbox
  • Mentor and Apprentice Program
  • Weekly/Monthly Ticket Pass in Shop

There are a total of 10 ways to obtain them but we won’t be focusing on the details of each. If you’d like us to create a more detailed guide on how to obtain tickets, kindly let us know by leaving a comment down below.


Skin Fragments

/>Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

We know what you’re thinking, “How do I get Diamonds in Mobile Legends?” Relax, we’re almost there! Before we jump in to reveal the cream of the crop, let’s skim through the last currency which we can sometimes take for granted as it can only be obtained by patience, time and luck. We’re talking about the Skin Fragments.

The only way to earn skin fragments is from a FREE chest. That’s good news. You might wonder why patience is necessary. Yes, this is where your patience comes in because they drop randomly, YES, you read it right, RANDOMLY. It means that you can wait for 4 HOURS to open a FREE chest and not get any skin fragments. You’ll have to wait again and probably still not receive a single one on the next turn. Then the waiting resumes.

If you’re eyeing a certain hero that can be purchased with a specific color of fragment, you can do quests and daily logins to get a gold chest which certainly has a high chance of dropping skin fragments.


How to Get Diamonds in Mobile Legends  for Free

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, How Do You Get Diamonds in Mobile Legends?

They are, without a doubt, the hardest currency to obtain, because they are very significant towards obtaining the best heroes in the game without spending hours of gaming, praying for luck and doing tedious tasks.

Here are several tips that if you pull them off or get them right, you’ll get EASY Diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang:

1. Be a Streamer

We all know professional players stream using the default live-stream feature within the game since it’s easier for them to reach out to ML players. However, what some of them are missing is the use of third-party apps to reach to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Mobile Legends fans through social media.

Did you know that you can earn diamonds by streaming your gameplay? Yes, they can gift you diamonds if they enjoy watching your stream. Now you can achieve that by downloading the most popular app streamers use today which is Omlet Arcade. If you’re confident enough with your skills, what’s a better time to start streaming, than now?

2. Join a ML Tournaments

Compete in official Mobile Legends Tournament. Easier said than done? If you think you and your team are talented enough and you communicate well in-game, we highly suggest you give it a shot!


3. Be a Forum Moderator

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Just contribute to the community by giving valuable information to other players, like sharing your ML experiences, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. How to apply, you ask? Click this link.

4. Recharge / Top Up

FINALLY, the fastest method to obtain Diamonds in Mobile Legends! Now If you think it’s expensive, think of it as showing your love and support to the developers. We won’t be enjoying this awesome and enjoyable game if it wasn’t for them!

When doing so, be sure to purchase from reliable 3rd-party sellers. Check their background and do a little research to avoid involuntarily supporting hackers and illegal activities. You’re also likely to get scammed or banned, so we encourage you to buy from only trusted vendors. If you’re still not sure about the source, check with the ML support team.

We all understand that not everyone has extra cash to spend on Diamonds, have the talent and skill to compete in tournaments, or the resources to live stream. That’s totally fine. You can still enjoy the game, with or without Diamonds. It was designed that way.

Diamonds were meant to be the premium mode of exchange, like their namesake, to get coveted items so make the splurge when you can or seriously want to level up your gameplay.

It’s not the only currency in the game you can use to buy your desired heroes. After all, Mobile Legends is a free-to-play game and you still have Battle Points, Fragments and Tickets to get heroes and skins. If you’ve decided to buy Diamonds and get a leg up on the competition, purchase from Wallet Codes, the 3rd-party seller you can trust.

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