Q: I cannot purchase using my mobile number. What can I do?

A: Wallet Codes is specially made available for Philippines & Taiwan users only. In the Philippines, please ensure that your mobile number is a valid Globe or Smart number and it has sufficient credit balance to cover the cost of the purchase.


Q: I did not receive my TAC after submitting my number at the payment page.

A: The TAC delivery may be affected by the mobile network status. Please ensure that your phone is within the network coverage area and that your call plan is currently active.


Q: There is an error accessing the site after I have submitted the TAC and I did not receive my Steam Wallet Code.

A: Please check your credit balance for any deduction of the purchase. If there has been a deduction, check your email as the Steam Wallet Code delay may be affected by a network connection quality. If this does not resolve the problem, kindly contact our support team at support @ wallet-codes.com.


Q: My Steam Wallet Code is not recognized by Steam when I input submitted the wallet code to top up my Steam Wallet account.

A: There may be a short delay in the delivery of the code as it is being processed by the Steam servers due to getting the Steam Wallet Codes directly from Valve affiliated merchants.


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