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Get More Diamonds With Our Wallet Codes Malaysia Sale!

Get your diamonds ready


There are literally hundreds of skins available on MLBB and most of them require you to shell out untold amounts of cash just to get the right number of diamonds. Don’t have enough extra money to pour into Mobile Legends? Wallet Codes Malaysia has you covered with an amazing Diamonds for All Sale in MLBB!

  • 2000 Diamonds for RM 120 (RRP: RM157)
  • 2500 Diamonds for RM 150 (RRP: RM196)

Players can get 2000 Diamonds for RM 120 or splurge a little more for 2500 Diamonds at RM 150! This Epic Diamonds Sale will run from October 18, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Remember that you can only get this amazing deal from Wallet Codes Malaysia. Supplies are limited so make sure you grab them while they are available!

We looked at some of the most eye-catching skins for you to head into glorious combat with. Take a look at the skins that captured our attention. We might also have some tips to help you get that one skin you’ve been pining for.


Cosmic Gleam – Gusion

© Moonton

We’re kicking things off with the legendary Cosmic Gleam for the assassin Gusion. The beautiful skin features a galactic motif. Legendary skins won’t come cheap but they will be worth every diamond they’re worth. The Cosmic Gleam skin allows you to run down your enemies with snazzy space-themed particle effects.


Obsidian Blade – Alucard

© Moonton

The next skin on the list gives your favorite Fighter a futuristic look. The Obsidian Blade skin for Alucard includes bright digital particle effects that stand out from the rest of the competition. You also get a cool new motorcycle for your hero whenever you recall back to base. The Obsidian Blade, like the Cosmic Gleam, is also on the legendary tier. It will take you quite a few diamonds to get this skin into your account but every pixel of this Alucard skin is surely worth your money!


Modena Butterfly – Miya

© Moonton

Premium skins are there for a reason, it is for you to stand out in the best way possible. The next skin on the list is the Modena Butterfly for Miya. This skin takes Miya’s traditional ice particles and turns them into beautiful star-like effects. There’s nothing wrong with taking a beautiful star-like archer into battle.


Codename Storm – Saber

© Moonton

Saber already has an iconic futuristic design but this next skin just takes it to the next level. The Codename Storm skin is one of the most valuable cosmetics in the game. It is also one of the most sought after skins especially for die-hard Saber fans. The Codename Storm skin stands out in any game with its vibrant wings and weapons. You would certainly be doing yourself a disservice if you enjoy playing Saber and you did not try to get this amazing skin.


Conqueror – Gord

© Moonton

The floating mage Gord gets his own legendary skin finally. The Conqueror Gord skin pushes the limits of sci-fi with its amazing cyber particle effects that will make every opponent cower in fear. Many people love taking Gord to the mid lane and that fame was rewarded by a legendary skin from Moonton. This legendary skin can be picked up using Magic Crystals at the Magic Shop like most of the skins on the list.


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