New Year, New Me: Gamer Edition

The New Year rings around new goals for everyone and for gamers it’s no different. However, being faithful to the New Year’s Resolution is another story altogether. How often have we heard someone say they’ll try to lose weight and hit the gym right away only for it to fizzle out after a few days? More times than you can remember that’s for sure! So we have come up with a list to challenge and make better gamers out of all of you!


Rage Less At Strangers

Multiplayer games are all about becoming better and claiming that ever thrilling victory. But there is a fine line between being competitive and being a toxic player. Do you call out your teammates after one small mistake? Do you tilt at the simplest of plays? Do you shout in the microphone? Well you should stop because it’s really not cool being toxic. Gaming is all about having fun and never forget that.


To Not Hoard Every Item For A Boss Fight

Remember when you got that elixir that could heal your entire party in that challenging JRPG? How about that RPG in Resident Evil that you never fired on to Nemesis because you thought there would be a better time for it? Gamers have bags filled with potions and grenades that never see the light of day. So make a change and start making use of those very useful items!


To Not Buy A New Game Before Finishing Your Backlog

Seeing games on sale for USD 5-10 can be pretty tempting. But what’s the point of buying a new game if you can’t even play it? Can you really just forget about your terribly long backlog of games purchased from previous sales? Take our word for it. Resist buying from sales and finish your older games first. By the time you get through your older games, the game you wanted to buy would be much cheaper and with the help of Wallet Codes you can even get more bang for your buck!


To Not Prioritize Your Friends Over Winning In A Team Game

Queing up for some ranked games or hitting the dungeons with your friends after a long hard day or during the weekend can be one of the most gratifying things ever. You have fun and you spend time with people you care about through gaming. Whether it be a MOBA or an FPS, these games are all about teamwork. If you could have healed or buffed a random person in your team instead of your friend to better win a crucial engagement, you should. Being totally biased for your friends also ruins the experience for your other teammates, so please don’t be that kind of player!


To Stop Save Scumming

Does the mob you’re farming have a really low drop rate on that brand new sword that you want? Is your character’s growth RNG based? Did you just lose an important match or race in your simulation game? The fix is easy for most since they’ll just reload and try again. Nothing is permanent in gaming and this is the easiest way to put things in your favor. It’s called save scumming and it’s totally not cool.


Don’t Abuse Bugs Or Broken Builds In Single Player Games

There are always overly powered builds or combos in single player games. The balance is not as clean as those in competitive multiplayer games so big brained players usually have a field day when theory crafting broken builds. How is it satisfying using a cheesy combo or a broken build in playing against the game’s many bosses? Just play the game the way it’s meant to be played. Plus it’s more challenging that way.


So how are you becoming a better gamer in 2022? Are you choosing from the list or do you have anything unique in your 200 IQ gamer brain? Let us know in the comments and keep on gaming, fam.



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