Publisher Spotlight: Take Two Interactive Games! 

Take Two Interactive’s 2K Games, Rockstar Games, and many more have brought us memorable games throughout the years.! 


Take Two Interactive has been bringing us games since the 90s. From providing us with the undisputed king of the basketball sim games, the NBA 2K series, to the timeless Grand Theft Auto V, they are definitely a heavy hitter in the gaming industry today.  Let’s take a look at some of the newest and all-time favourite games to come from Take Two Interactive: 


New Games on the Block


NBA 2K22 

2K22 Gameplay Trailer 

The newest iteration of NBA 2K’s basketball sim came out last September 10. 2K Games hyped that this is the most advanced basketball sim to date especially on the next gen consoles. The new features announced are rebuilt shot contesting and blocking, better defensive positioning logic for the AI, more signature moves, and seamless dribbling transition. NBA 2K22 also features the WNBA once again with fully licensed for players to enjoy. With beautiful graphics providing better realism and on-court improvements all around, NBA 2K22 is once again going for the slam dunk with this year’s edition to the long-standing franchise.  


It Takes Two 

It Takes Two Trailer 

It Takes Two became an instant co-op classic when it was released in March of this year. A somewhat Rom-Com approach on the genre based on a married couple contemplating a divorce being forced to stay together because of their daughter’s miraculous wish. The amount of teamwork and communication required really leveled up the whole Co-Op platform as a genre and this banger of a game is definitely worth your time.  A stylized adventure with many moving parts based on both players’ choices, It Takes Two is worth playing with a friend or maybe even a romantic interest.  


Mafia: Definitive Edition 

Mafia: Definitive Edition Trailer 


The original Mafia game was definitely something that deserved a full remake and 2K Games did it a justice that’s for sure. Released in 2020, Mafia: Definite Edition features a full reimagining of its original setting, Lost Heaven, Illinois which is roughly based on Chicago as well as brand new rendered assets, voice-overs, and even an expanded story line. You play as taxi driver Tommy Angelo as he finds his way working for the titular Mafia and starts working his way up the ranks. Mafia: Definite Edition features a classic crime drama story full of twists and turns sure to keep you at the edge of your seat till the credits roll.  


All Time Favourites 


Grand Theft Auto V 

GTA V Next Gen  Trailer 

If there was a perfect example of a game that  has withstood the test of time, it would definitely be Grand Theft Auto V. With a sprawling open world as its foundation on top of consistent and robust updates from Rockstar Games for its Online mode, we are still talking about the game eight years after its initial release on the PlayStation 3 (two console generations ago!). With an even upgraded version coming to the next gen consoles, don’t expect the world to stop talking about GTA V anytime soon. Is it wishful thinking for GTA VI these days? 


Borderlands 3 

Borderlands Trailer 

The latest game in the Borderlands series, Borderlands 3, actually came out two years ago but is still getting lots of support with regular content and patches from Gearbox Software and 2K Games. Borderlands 3 continues with the Looter Shooter formula and the over-the-top stories that have worked for the series since the first game came out more than a decade ago. Play as one of four character classes; Siren, Operative, Gunner, or Beastmaster as you go on a zany adventure across Pandora full of carnage and lots and lots of guns.  


Red Dead Redemption 2 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer 

Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the best trips back to the Wild, Wild, West ever in gaming history. With its extremely diverse flora and fauna as well as era authentic guns and animations, the open world immersion of Rockstar’s vast 1900 American heartland really hits hearth and home for Red Dead Redemption 2. Play as Arthur Morgan as you try to survive in this tumultuous era with your gang constantly on the run from the law. This Open World Action game will take you on a truly remarkable experience from the moment you first saddle up on your horse until you ride off into the sunset.   


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