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7Seas Philippines Brings Waves of Nostalgia for Its 1st Anniversary with Tsunami Cup, Supported by Wallet Codes and FIGHT Esports

Wallet Codes 7SEAS

7Seas will be hosting a Valorant tournament in conjunction with its first anniversary. Titled Tsunami Cup, the tournament aims to honor the growing gaming community in the Philippines, with the support of Wallet Codes Philippines and FIGHT Esports.

The tournament will commence from November 26 to 28 this year and will be broadcasted live on Twitch from 12 p.m. onwards via Codes Philippines and FIGHT Esports will also be sponsoring VALORANT Points and Discord Nitro gift cards worth PHP10,000 for the giveaways.

Wallet Codes Valorant

The playoff dates for the Tsunami Cup are as follows:

  • Day 1 (Single Eliminations) – November 26, Friday (12 p.m. onwards)
  • Day 2 (Semi-Finals) – November 27, Saturday (12 p.m. onwards)
  • Day 3 (Finals) – November 28, Sunday (12 p.m. onwards)

The prize pool breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st place:    25,000 PHP + 5 boxes of Redbull + 5 Alpha UNTLD Mousepads
  • 2nd place:   5,000 PHP + 5 boxes of Redbull + 5 Alpha UNTLD Mousepads
  • 3rd place:    2,000 PHP + 5 boxes of Redbull + 5 Alpha UNTLD Mousepads

“It is such an honor to be able to support the highlight of 7Seas’ journey. Valorant has become a sort of national love for gamers in the Philippines,” said Don Vicente, Marketing and Business Development Lead at Forest Interactive Philippines, who oversees Wallet Codes’ and FIGHT Esports’ operations in the country. “Not only does this tournament pay homage to the team’s journey thus far, it is also giving back to the community that foster its growth from day one.”

“7Seas is turning 1 year this November, and as an organization that grew fast because of our loving and supportive community, we want to see them this time to showcase their own talents in Valorant as that is how our organization also started.” commented a representative at 7Seas.

The tournament will be hosted by 7S Thirst, 7S Senpapi, and 7S Oto. Day 1 Single Eliminations will be casted by 7S Berzerk and El1pse while Day 2 Semi-Finals will be casted by Mochiii and Yuuske. For the Finals, Ling2x and CasterJT will take charge.

Apart from the sponsored Valorant Points and Discord Nitro gift cards, 7Seas Philippines will also be giving away prizes such as:

  • Nokia G50 Smartphones
  • Alpha UNTLD Mousepads
  • Redbull boxes, and many more.

Wallet Codes 7SEAS


7Seas is a gaming and esports entertainment company in the Philippines. Co-founders 7S Thirst, 7S Kitsune, 7S Rushback, 7S Berzerk, and 7S Daddy started out as online friends sharing their love for video games, specifically Valorant, and achieved success by creating a solid business model and positioning themselves as the trending destination for emerging and established gaming talent. Additionally, 7Seas is well-embedded in the content distribution and streaming industry.

Wallet Codes Valorant

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