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Discord Nitro & Nitro Classic officially launch on 9th November 2021 for Wallet Codes Philippines!

Discord Launch Wallet codes Philippines

With every login purchase of any Discord products, users can get 5x the usual P points absolutely free for the month of November! 

From the 9th of November onwards, Wallet Codes Philippines have officially added Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic codes into our wide array of virtual codes and gift cards.  

  • Launch promotion lasts until November 30, 2021 only  

To celebrate our sleek new partnership, for any purchase made on Discord products, we will be handing out P points to all of our Filipino users with a staggering 5x P points, completely free of charge! Now that’s a deal.  

If at this point the only thoughts you have in mind are along the lines of “Hold up a second, what even is Nitro and Nitro classic?” or “How are they different exactly?”, well do we have an answer for you. 

Have you ever wondered, what if you could unlock the full potential of Discord, what would it be like? Well, here it is. 


Nitro has come of age now and is finally leaving the dojo to start its own thing, so in his place is the new equivalent, Nitro Classic.  

Nitro Classic will bestow upon you the following perks: 

1. Uploading a Gif Avatar 

2. Choosing Your Own Discord Tag: Customize your own four-digit tag when subscribed to Nitro Classic!  

3. Use custom emotes everywhere: Nitro Classic unlocks the full expanse of your emoji arsenal for every server and DM at a click of a button. 

4. Screen sharing with 720p @ 60fps or 1080p @ 30fps. 

5. Enhanced stream quality (1080p 60fps) whenever you Go Live!  

6. Increase your file uploading cap from 8mb to 50mb

+ Who’s the smooth operator with the Nitro badge?  You are. Certified cool. 



Nitro is peak Discord support. With Nitro, you’ll get all of the awesome chat perks that are included in Nitro Classic along with more exciting new perks, including Server Boosting! 

Perk Highlights: 


1. Even greater Hi-Res Quality Videos! 

2. Not just one – But TWO server boosts! 

3. Character cap per message is increased from 2000 to 4000! 

4. Server limit is raised from 100 to 200!  

5. Extra uploading powers! 

  • You’ll now be able to DOUBLE your file sharing powers all the way to a 100MB upload size!  

6. Global use of Custom Stickers! 

  • Users who have Nitro will be able to use the custom stickers anywhere on Discord (other servers, direct messages, etc). 

7. Server Avatars! 

  • Personalize your identity beyond a Server Nickname. Set a different profile avatar in each of your servers! 


TLDR: Nitro Classic has the OG premium perks, while Nitro has those same perks plus more exciting new ones! 

For a more detailed explanation of all that we have mentioned above, click here.   


Why buy here with Wallet Codes? 

Redeemable P-points, 5-times the usual if you purchase within the month of November. It’s such an unbelievably good deal we had to say it twice. 

Furthermore, we are also launching our own 11.11 campaign, and I ensure you it’s a legit eye-opener. With ANY purchase of the products we have on our (virtual) shelves for as far as the eye can see, our customers will be enrolled for a lucky draw giveaway.  

  • 10 lucky winners will win an entire month’s subscription of Discord Nitro. (Told you it’s legit) 
  • For purchases made between Nov 11 until 19, 2021 only.  
  • Winners will be announced on November 24, 2021.

So what are you waiting for, get the max evolution of Discord Nitro subscription codes right here!


About Wallet Codes 
Developed by Forest Interactive, Wallet Codes is a gaming voucher and gift cards platform that offers digital products from a myriad of well-known premium entertainment services, from Steam and Nintendo eShop to iTunes and Google Play.  

Obtaining the vouchers is an instant process and also gives customers flexible payment options from prepaid, counter payments, online banking, and credit/debit card as well.  

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