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Wallet Codes Philippines Co-Sponsors Local 7Seas’ Search of the Next SAKURA, Empowering An All-Female Valorant Team

MANILA: Wallet Codes Philippines, a gaming voucher and digital gift card platform developed by Forest Interactive, co-sponsors 7Seas, a local esports team, for their search of the next SAKURA.

7Seas, who won second place in #TikTokGGPH Creator Cup 2 last May, was on the lookout for five aspiring female Valorant pro-players to join 7Seas SAKURA, an all-female team. Wallet Codes Philippines had sponsored 10 Steam Wallets worth PHP5,000 for giveaway during the tournament streaming, which was allocated for five lucky viewers each day on July 3 and 4, 2021.

“We are more than happy to see the initiative taken by the local gamers to grow their teams,” said Don Vicente, Marketing & Business Development Lead at Forest Interactive Philippines, who is also in charge of Wallet Codes’ operations in the Philippines. “The sponsorship aims to support the development of the gaming community in the country and further establish our credibility in the gaming scene.”

Adding to the 7Seas community, Aika, Recsei, Tara, Neechan, and Michb were announced to be part of the newest additions of 7Seas Sakura, an all-female competitive Valorant team. All winners also walked away with Razer Gaming headsets from Gamecaster and a special surprise from 7Seas themselves.

“I believe that everyone could express their talents in games,” said Mich. “Being a member of a professional esports team makes me want to encourage women’s empowerment in the esports space and within the community. It is also a career that we can enjoy, especially for people who are interested in games.”

“Wallet Codes has a big impact on the growth of the local gaming community in the Philippines. Sponsorships from Wallet Codes help local gaming communities by giving them a chance to buy a game and test it out at a cheaper price before committing to it,” added Mich.

7Seas is thriving and making themselves known in the gaming industry and within the community. Within less than a year since its founding, the team has reached over 35 million views on their TikTok account. One of their core campaigns is empowering more female esports players in the industry, by fostering more inclusive event environments and steering away harmful stereotypes often put on female players.

Kitsune, the co-founder of 7Seas Philippines, said: “Due to esports being a male-dominated industry, female players don’t usually make an appearance in professional esports league, The all-female 7Seas Sakura team is changing that, breaking barriers and surpassing expectations at what they do best – gaming.”

The screening was livestreamed on Twitch and judged by 7Seas’ Thirst, Kitsune, Berzerk, Yutachee, and Daddy.


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