GTA V locations that are based on real-life

It’s crazy to think that Grand Theft Auto V was released years ago in 2015. Most of us just had PlayStation 3s then and recently Rockstar announced the next-gen version coming later this year. People are still playing the game today thanks to its highly extensive online mode and with the way Rockstar is handling things we may be seeing more of GTA V in the coming years.

One of the best things about GTA V apart from the cars and the guns was the lifelike rendition of famous areas in California. Playing the game was basically going on a memorable trip you won’t soon forget. So here are some of our favorite places in GTA V based on real life:


Vespucci Beach – Venice Beach

One of LA’s most iconic beaches is of course featured in GTA V. Vespucci Beach, based on Venice Beach, is brimming with hipster energy. There are shops with an assortment of doodads on the street, fancy cars are parked around, and of course beautiful and sexy men and women in their swimwear. The Venice Beach Boardwalk also makes it into the game as well as the iconic carnival and the towering ferris wheel.


Raton Canyon – Bixby Creek

The most photographed bridge in the Big Sur’s Bixby Creek Bridge also makes an appearance in GTA V. Called in game as the Raton Canyon is a long corridor of rock that connects the Alamo Sea to the greater Pacific Ocean. The sunset can be great in this part of the world and you could even see some fighter jets from the nearby military base and other aircraft if you hang around long enough.


Vinewood – Hollywood

Vinewood is Rockstar’s version of Hollywood. This area is  the largest and wealthiest neighborhood of Los Santos and also holds a booming film industry much like Hollywood. The abundant palm trees and the street performers add to the vibe greatly and it’s actually nice to get out of your car and take a walk around. All the letters of the Vinewood sign are all climbable to get you a nice view of the city.


Mount Chiliad – Mount Shasta and the San Gorgonio Wilderness

If you ever want an escape from the city, Mount  Chiliad is where you want to be. A place based on both Mount Shasta and the San Gorgonio Wilderness of California. A trek through the rugged environment is a change of pace and a nice experience. Making the whole journey on foot would be an arduous journey but you could appreciate the flora and fauna you see on the way to the summit as well as other hikers and even game hunters.


El Gordo Lighthouse – Point Fermin Lighthouse

The El Gordo Lighthouse on the east coast of San Andreas is largely based on the Point Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro, Los Angeles. You could smell the salt in the air as the strong waves crash down the docks of the lighthouse. There is a large colonial house nearby with architecture that takes you all the way to Cape Cod in Massachusetts.


Galileo Observatory – Griffith Observatory

Lots of events within the game actually happen on the grounds of Galileo Observatory. The Observatory is based on Griffith Observatory and is situated on the northern  part of Los Santos, on one of the higher points of Vinewood Hills. Griffith Observatory actually has a statue of Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei which the in-game Galileo Observatory was named after.



With how good California was represented in GTA V, it’s exciting to think what’s in store for future GTA titles and their respective locations. Could we see a GTA game based in the midwest? Or perhaps outside of North America? Only time will tell and I’m hoping we’ll have an idea soon.


(All the photos are from Creative Commons)


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