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ESGS 2019 – Why You Need to Attend

The mecca for all Filipino gamers, Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, better known as ESGS 2019, is back for their 6th consecutive year! Co-presented by PLDT Home Fibr and Smart Telecom and organized by Gariath Concepts, this year’s event will definitely be awesome and more epic than ever before.

ESGS 2019 - Why to attend this year

What to expect?

This year, ESGS is taking the whole of SMX and by that I also mean its bigger than it’s ever been before. Honestly it’ll be like walking into the Philippine’s biggest Cyberzone, (if you pardon the SM naming) except there’s a lot more free stuff, brands you never see in malls, lots of discounted gaming products, merchandise, tournaments for your favorite eSport, and gaming brands and communities come out of the woodwork to celebrate and enjoy this hobby we’ve gotten ourselves into.


ESGS -2019 Cosplay Competition 

ESGS 2019 Cosplay Competition

You can’t have a big esports event without cosplay. This has been the norm for the past years in gaming conventions. For 2019, contestants will compete in their best fighting game costumes, along with their best moves.


ESGS 2019 Featured Games

ESGS 2019 Featured Games

ESGS 2019 has a couple new and old games up there feature sleeve like Just Dance 2019, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, these are just to name a few.

Game Testing and Preview

One of the reasons why ESGS 2019 is a must-attend is because it’s an event where major, local, and independent game developers get to introduce their games. It has become a great avenue for both players who are avidly waiting to upgrade their systems, and developers looking for feedback on their products.

Companies selling computers, consoles, gaming systems, and accessories were present at the event to showcase and sell their products at a special event discount.

Free Play and Activities

Games and gaming rigs are not the only things to expect every ESGS. This year, companies took it further and let event attendees participate in activities, and even held raffles for various game items, merchandise, and products.

E-Sports is the highlight of ESGS–and this year, tournaments were held both on the main stage and sponsor booths. Mobile and PC game tournaments happened almost every hour of the three-day event, including the Road to Nationals tournament for Tekken 7 and DOTA 2.

New Talents

ESGS 2019 will also set the spotlight for homegrown talent, as indie game developers will be able to showcase their creations at the Indie Fiesta. The Independent Game Developers Association will go full support for the young and aspiring developers, where attendees can try out a total of 40 upcoming games. The Game and Developers Association of the Philippines will also conduct workshops and seminars at the GameOn Area.

Business Day

Learn more about Esports and Video Games! Listen to in-depth talks from industry experts as they present actual case studies, get to know the stories behind successful Esports campaigns, and network with the biggest brands in the industry. Take a look at the business side of Esports.

Merchandise and Artist Alley

Expect a lot, yes, a lot of merchandise at ESGS 2019. With the Artist Alley, fans can check out fan arts, ask for artwork commissions, and purchase other awesome works from talented artists. There’s also a merchandise area for those who want to buy action figures, apparels and other cool stuff. Of course, ESGS-Exclusive merchandise will also be on sale!

Find a current favorite artist/shop or discover a new one! Here’s the current list of Official Artist Alley Sellers that was announced:

  1. Ascendance Group of Artists
  2. Avenoire
  3. Chibaneelle
  4. Cookie Crusader
  5. Fischakes
  6. Floof Factory
  7. Graphic Geeks
  8. HMT Studios
  9. InkJinks
  10. Minami Yokai
  11. Neria
  12. Owo Whats Dis
  13. Pixel Hero
  14. Poring Prints
  15. Psycho Potato Arts
  16. PuffPunk
  17. Random Artist
  18. Ronin Panda
  19. SketchyGerry
  20. Silaw Publishing
  21. SilverOhs
  22. Tabby Draws
  23. Team Eight
  24. The Izzy Peasy
  25. The Magic Conch
  26. Timelax Mini Creations
  27. We Draw Things
  28. Xelalanana

Of course, we will also be an official exhibitor during the event. Drop by our booth and learn how to get wallet code using your phone’s load.

A career in Esports has always been regarded with skepticism in the Philippines but as the rise in popularity of gaming, and conventions like ESGS 2019 introducing young talents and developers, there is no doubt that the future would be A-Ok. See you there!

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