P Points

  • Q: Who is eligible to collect P Points?

    Registered users of wallet-codes.com will be able to collect P Points with every purchase. Please make sure you are login when making your purchases to ensure your P Points are collected.

  • Q: I already made my purchase as a guest. Can I still collect P Points?

    No, you will need to login first before making any transaction to earn P Points.

  • Q: How do I collect P Points?

    You will receive P Points for every transaction using any payment methods, except when you redeem a product with P Points. The amount of P Points received will depend on the amount spent on the transaction. You can also get P Points from promo codes during online or offline events.

  • Q: What can I use my P Points for?

    Accumulated P Points earned can be used to purchase any product available on wallet-codes.com. P Points cannot be redeemed for cash. Only login user will be able to see the P Points payment option.


  • Q: Will my P Points expire?

    NO, the P Points you accumulate have no expiration date and will remain in your registered account until you use them.

  • Q: What are my P Points worth?

    The value of your P Points depends on the country you made your purchase in and the USD exchange rate of that specific country. Wallet Codes reserves the right to change the value of P Points without prior notice.

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