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How to Get CP in Call of Duty Mobile (CODM)

how to get cp in call of duty mobile

Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) is one of the most popular and accessible battle royale games currently out there for mobile phones! Receiving many updates as well as the frequent release of several new events, the game only continues to excite players (over 250 million downloads!) in the battle royale genre.

There is an in-game currency called COD Points or CP, which is used to purchase the Battle Pass and different cosmetic items in the game. If you want to change your appearance and run around the map looking like a boss, then you’ll need CP to buy exclusive outfits, weapon skins, etc.

However, there are only a few ways players can get CP legitimately without having to purchase them or use fake CP generators online. For players who can’t afford to buy CP themselves, this quick article lists down how to get CP in Call of Duty Mobile.

Complete Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

Have you heard about the Google Opinion Rewards app? Designed by Google, the app rewards users with real cash for taking the time to complete some surveys. You can turn this real cash into CP!

It’s really easy: download the app via the Google Play Store and register an account. Once signed in, complete all the surveys and tasks that you see. The money you receive upon completion is then available for use across other apps or services.

If you use the Google Pay e-wallet as your payment method, you can transfer your money into that. Then, you can buy CP directly in your COD Mobile app.

Participate in Online Giveaways

You can try participating in giveaways organised by CODM content creators on social platforms like YouTube, Discord, Twitch, etc. If you’re lucky, you only need to show up to win the giveaway reward.

If you follow updates on the content creators’ pages or social media accounts regularly, they may share when they’re holding giveaways for their followers and subscribers. Typically, the giveaway reward is either a certain amount of CP or a Battle Pass.

Participate in Tournaments & Custom Rooms

You may also find that several YouTubers, streamers, and famous CODM players host daily custom rooms for tournaments, where the winner receives CP as the prize. Only requiring players to sign up beforehand, anybody can participate in these tournaments.

Besides the lure of a guaranteed CP prize, a player with decent skills may want to test their strategies and coordination amongst seasoned players. These custom rooms and tournaments could be a great way to enter the game’s competitive scene.

There Is Also Another Way to Get CP

All of the above is for how you can get CP in Call of Duty Mobile freely. However, some players might not be satisfied with the amount that they receive via these methods. Since CP is such a precious commodity to those that want to stand out from the pack, truly the best way to top up CP is to buy them from a trusted source.

Knowing how much time and effort it takes for players to collect the CP needed to buy that desirable weapon skin, maybe you should try out Wallet Codes.

Wallet Codes offers various CP packs at really affordable prices, with quick and simple payment methods. *Make sure to switch the country selector at the bottom right of the page to check whether CP is being sold for your local currency.*

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