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Steam Wallet: Most Purchased Voucher on Wallet Codes Indonesia

JAKARTA: With hundreds of games available on Steam, Steam Wallet has become one of the most widely-used payment options by gamers. Steam Wallet, an in-game credit redeemable for purchases on Steam Store, offers gamers options to buy a variety of products like in-game items and software.

In the case of Wallet Codes, Steam Wallet tops the rank of the most purchased voucher on the platform, a data retrieved from 2020 and 2021. During this period, there were more than 134,164 Steam Wallet global sales volumes. This figure is about eight times more than the sale of Mobile Legend vouchers, which conclusively solidifies the popularity of Steam Wallet compared to its competitors.

The high number of purchase transactions of Steam Wallet on the platform is also supported by a large number of Steam users. In 2021, it was recorded from their system that Steam had scored a record 26 million online gamers. The number of Steam users who were online at the same time broke the highest number of 26.4 million — 26,401,443 players to be precise. Last January, SteamDB noted that there were 18 million to 28 million Steam users in the world.

Commenting on personal data protection, Vita Paulina, Marketing and Operations Manager at Wallet Codes Indonesia, explained that Wallet Codes is a trusted e-commerce portal for game and app credit top-up in Indonesia due to its competitive prices.

“The number of online entertainment content today, including gaming, has resulted in a widespread of personal data. However, Wallet Codes users can rest assured that all of our customers’ transaction information has been properly encrypted by the SSL system. SSL is a technology that ensures all transaction data is properly locked,” affirmed Vita in her statement for advantages of using Wallet Codes.

As of 2022, Wallet Codes operates in 6 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Wallet Codes is currently focusing on developing a business model that best fits the payment service industry for e-commerce.

Sharon Maureen, Chief Operating Officer of Wallet Codes, said: “Seeing the current development of the voucher industry, Wallet Codes will continue to innovate and provide services that answer the needs of all our clients, both from the B2B and B2C point of view. The availability of Steam Wallet on Wallet Codes is also our response to the high public interest, especially gamers.”

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