Brace Your Phones for Brand New Games

New games to play on the go! 


Mobile gaming as a sub-genre of video games has come a long way from its humble roots. We’ve come around to expecting quality video games on our mobile devices that are infinitely better than the initial entries on the platform.  

Phones are no longer only for simple puzzles and matching games. We can now play complex and triple-A quality games from literally anywhere. The platform has had over ten years’ worth of time to develop and everyone may already have their favorites but there’s always room for something new.  

These are some of the upcoming mobile games that we just can’t wait to get on our phones and play on-the-go whenever, wherever. 


Diablo Immortal 

Diablo Immortal Cinematic Trailer 

No out-of-season April fool’s joke here, Diablo Immortal is close to being released on mobile. Immortal looks to offer the same brand of dungeon-crawling and monster-slaying offered by the many successful games in the series.  

Play as any of the diverse classes as you try and work your way to acquiring the best weapons and armor for your character. Blizzard Entertainment promises Immortal to be a MMORPG so get your friends together and tackle the monsters as one team. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about this long-awaited mobile game sometime later this year. 


Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier  


If you thought Square Enix was finished with the Final Fantasy VII world after the ambitious remake, you’d be wrong. The developers behind one of the grandest fantasy RPG series surprised fans with a whole slew of games heading for the mobile platform.  

The First Soldier takes place 30 years before the storyline of FF7 and has players facing off against each other in a battle royale. The trailer showed off amazing gameplay but we’ll all have to wait till the game officially comes out in the next coming months (hopefully). 


Rocket League Sideswipe 

Rocket League® Sideswipe — Alpha Gameplay 

Mobile ports of highly successful games usually don’t turn out too well. Rocket League’s entry into the mobile game space is a different story. The developers completely reworked the game’s core mechanic to keep it in line with the mobile platform’s limitations.  

Rocket League Sideswipe offers the same high-octane ball-bouncing car experience but in a 2D arena. Two teams still compete to one-up the opponents with sweet goals but the game has been entirely adapted for two thumbs as opposed to your favorite gamepad.  

Sideswipe is coming to iOS and Android free towards the end of 2021. 


Apex Legends Mobile 

Apex Legends Mobile – Official Trailer HD 

Apex Legends quickly set itself apart from other battle royales with its superb shooting mechanics and high mobility gameplay. The market has seen more than its fair share of battle royales but Apex has always stood on its own since its 2019 release.  

Now, Respawn Entertainment look to bring their A-game to the mobile platform. Apex Legends Mobile currently operates for a select number of lucky Beta players. The game’s biggest challenge will be translating the immense fun and excitement of the original game to the smaller screen.  

EA and Respawn Entertainment have made no promises on any expected release date but we do know that it’ll arrive for both Android and iOS eventually. 


Pokemon Unite 

Pokemon Unite – Official Cinematic Trailer 

The very idea of combining Pokemon and the MOBA genre is baffling. Yet despite the absolute unlikelihood of that collaboration, Nintendo made it happen somehow. Pokemon Unite, a 5v5 Pokemon MOBA, launched for Nintendo Switch recently and it offers a unique take to a very old game genre.  

Play against some very lovable pokemon from various generations. Teams rack up points to try and bring down certain objectives on their way to the enemy team’s base. It’s a unique take on MOBAs that helps offer a fresh spin to the tried and tested formula. Pokemon Unite launches on iOS and Android on September 22nd. 

Free up some space on your devices if you need to because there will be a whole lot more games headed for both iOS and Android. Which brand new mobile game are you most looking forward to later this year? 

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