Five of the best Fortnite collabs of all time!

Fortnite’s reputation has attracted the big names for even bigger collabs with the likes of Marvel, DC and even Disney!


It’s been four years since Fortnite released and the unique Builder Battle Royale is still one of the best games in the F2P market. With 350 million users to date and more than $1.1 billion in revenue in 2020 alone, Fortnite continues to be a king in the Battle Royale genre across console and PC. With such a reputation behind them, Fortnite gets to do collaborations that other games could only dream of. From Star Wars to Marvel, here are some of the best all Fortnite collabs ever:


Avengers and  Thanos

How can you have the Avengers and not Thanos? Fortnite believed there should be balance in all things so they brought them together as it should be. On top of skins of famous Avengers and Thanos, there were also weapons based on The Infinity Gauntlet, Thor’s Mjolnir, Captain America’s Shield and even the Iron Man suit.


Star Wars

Star Wars is another legendary franchise that has made contact with the Fortnite world. The Force is strong and abound in the game with Lightsaber skins and lots of iconic characters like Rey, Finn, and Kylo Renn from the newest trilogy. Of course, it can’t be Star Wars without Stormtroopers because in Fortnite they come in many, different colors.


John Wick

Keanu Reeves was a household name in the 90s thanks to the Matrix. Today, much of it is attributed to the huge success of John Wick. Who can’t root for a hitman who wants revenge because someone murdered their beloved dog? It’s just so relatable… right? John Wick has had three successful movies in its franchise so far and a 4th one is slated for 2022. Dominate the Fortnite world as the Baba Yaga with this killer skin.


Harley Quinn

Everyone has a crazy side but Harley Quinn is the epitome of crazy. This iconic DC character is one of the most popular characters in Fortnite history. The loony charm and appeal of Harley Quinn has the Fortnite world all the more brighter. Harley’s laugh, among other things, is highly infectious and you’ll definitely crack a smile as you murder your enemies in style.


Ariana Grande

Fortnite isn’t just about pop culture references because they actually have the queen of pop herself, Ariana Grande. Steal the spotlight in the Fortnite battlefield with Ari’s signature high ponytail and sexy dance moves. She comes with a variety of costumes as well as signature weapons to absolutely slay the competition like the queen that she is.


We’re sure we missed so much more because it’s really impossible to single out the best across Fortnite’s many, many collabs.


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