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6 Of The Most Valuable Game Developers In 2021

These are some legendary names!


Some of the most memorable games we’ve ever played are thanks to the wonderful minds of the Triple-A game developers that made them. So for this post let’s put the spotlight not on the games but on the studios that made them because they’ve provided us with hours of entertainment and memorable moments. Here are some of the most valuable game developers in 2021 in no particular order based on networth and history:


Activision Blizzard

US$ 4.85 Billion

Activision Blizzard is easily a top three game dev in the competitive United States landscape. The company has been around since 1991 but Blizzard’s claim to fame started in 1994 when they released the first Warcraft game. Blizzard then followed it up with equally legendary franchises StarCraft and Diablo. In 2016, Activision and Blizzard agreed on a merger that involved acquiring King Digital, a global mobile company to become the Activision Blizzard we know today. Activision Blizzard will continue to be a bright light in the gaming industry for years to come with Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 on the horizon.


Electronic Arts (EA)

US$ 4.1 Billion

EA has been making games since 1982. Known for their championship standard in sports sims, EA holds legal rights to FIFA, NHL, NFL, and the MMA. EA is highly flexible with their genre as well as on top of the sports sims, they’ve done sci-fi RPGs like Mass Effect, FPS games like Battlefield and Apex Legends, and even racing with Need For Speed. If you fancied something more close to home, the long-standing life simulator The Sims is also a brainchild of EA.



US$ 12.82 Billion

Microsoft was founded back in 1975 but the company didn’t start making games till 1979 with Microsoft Adventure for the TRS-80. But the meteoric rise for the company in terms of gaming happened with the Xbox in the early 2000s. Halo, Gears of War, and Fable were some of the most memorable games of that decade thanks to Microsoft that have become beloved franchises. With the Xbox Series X/S, expect more exclusive triple A games to come from Microsoft in the coming years.



US$ 6.28 Billion

Nintendo is a household name in Japan and all over the world. Founded in 1889, Nintendo started out with the name Yamauchi Nintendo by founder Fusajiro Yamauchi. ‘Nintendo’ meaning ‘leave luck to heaven’ was the original meaning of the company name. The company has been bringing joy to consumers with both game and console releases throughout the years. Nintendo’s efforts to build a world class brand even led the company to become a majority owner of the Major League Baseball team, the Seattle Mariners in 1992.  From Mario to Pokemon to the Animal Crossing series, Nintendo has plenty of big hitters in the gaming industry under its world famous banner.


Sony Computer Entertainment

US$ 13.4 Billion

Much like Microsoft, Sony doesn’t just dabble in video games so they have a bigger tech empire than other names on this list. Sony had humble beginnings after being founded shortly after World War II. But it was not destined to merely be a humble company, a booming interest in microelectronics in North America during the 1950s kickstarted the meteoric rise of Sony as a trusted brand the world over.  More than half a century later, Sony has become a mega conglomerate with multiple business ventures all over the world. Since releasing the PlayStation console in 1994, Sony has made hundreds of games throughout the years that include the award winning God of War series, Horizon Dawn, and the Uncharted series.


Square Enix

US$1.3 Billion

Square Enix was founded in Tokyo, Japan back in 1975. Originally named just ‘Enix’ before its merger with Square in 2003. The first ever game they actually released was Dragon Warrior for the Famicom in 1986. Throughout the decades they have brought us the ever popular Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Bravely default series. A bonafide king of the JRPG genre, Square Enix has cemented its spot on this list.

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