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5 Ways to avoid getting scam on Steam

As long as there is real money involvement, scammers will try to steal it. Beware and be alert. In this article, we will try to guide you through different modus operandi of Steam scams and how to avoid them. These guidelines are not an all-embracing but perfect way to open your eyes about scamming. People will always try to find a new method of fooling gamer especially the newbie. Be watchful all the time.

The most security measures:

  1. Do not share your login details with anybody, memorize it and store it in your brain.
  2. Do not share your items to your co-gamer.
  3. Do not borrow items.
  4. Do not trade with someone where you need to give your items first before the return.
  5. Do not click unknown links from untrusted sites.
  6. Do not download or install any software if you are not familiar with the sources.

Here are the most various scam ideas:

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1. Steam wallet scam

The easy to execute and most comment scams. If someone sends you a trade offer, then you will start asking yourself. Why he/she will offer a super low quality of items for your valuable items? What are the reasons why he/she will keep invest time and effort for YES? Along with the offer, they will promise that you will receive funds or money in your steam wallet after the completion of the trade. Of course, it is impossible to earn money over steam! Funny but it is real talk.

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Avoid Paypal Scam

2. Paypal Scam

Scammers will always use Paypal to send money to you after the trade is complete. Sometimes, he/she will give you the money before you give the item. But wait, don’t you know what he/she can charge his money back? Right after he/she receive the items, he/she will contact Paypal and ask for a chargeback! This means, your money will be back to his account. Be vigilant, because if you already transfer the money to your bank account and you don’t have enough funds to your PayPal will get an exact amount to your bank account! How brutal is that?


avoid phishing scam

3. Phishing Scam

This is the type of fraud that they will try to steal your login details. They can be very advanced, talented and hard to spot.

Here are some tips for you to keep safe:

  1. Do not click links from suspicious people.
  2. Your password must be unique and do not share to anybody.
  3. Type your password only to Steam login field.
  4. Do not share or write your steam credentials on 3rd party websites.
  5. You should always check the steam community website spelling.
  6. Always check the official domain name.
  7. Do not trust to the word FREE, most of the time it is harmful.


Avoid Impersonation Scam

4. Impersonation Scam

Since scammers are resourceful, sometimes they will pretend that he/she is connected with Valve. He/she will try to deceive and convince you that they are giving away a free item but, you will need to provide first your login details, PayPal, and bank account. If you’ve got any message like this, then do not believe! Valve staff or moderators won’t ask anything!


avoid software scam

5. Software or browser plugin scam

Avoid and never install software or browser plugins/add-ons if you can. Scammers will post download links anywhere with words like Free Steam Wallet Hacks, funds, games, CS-Keys and much more. These are keyloggers and spyware on your system. This is the easy way for them to access your steam credential, emails, bank account, PayPal etc.

Be Alert and don’t let scammers fool you. Happy Gaming!

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