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How To Level Up Your Dota 2 Battle Pass Fast

Valve is set to deliver another thrilling season of Dota 2 Battle Pass, with tons of new items and rewards for battle-ready players! This year’s Battle Pass presents more opportunities to rake up Battle Points to level up fast. From a new Cavern Crawl to the return of Guild quests, we’ll break down the ins-and-outs of how players can level up Dota 2 Battle Pass and breeze through levels to get those sweet rewards.

Purchasing Battle Pass and Leveling up

Purchasing Battle Pass and Leveling up

Check out your level progress bar once you’ve purchased Battle Pass. It shows all the rewards at each level. Once players accumulate the Battle Points for the corresponding level, they can claim those gifts.

If you scroll through the level bar, you’ll notice that there are many kinds of prizes listed, so players will have much to look forward to as they level up in Battle Pass. For example, if you play enough to unlock level 2,000 you can receive a Roshan statue in real life!

Sharing the Gift of Dota 2 Battle Pass  

Thanks to Valve’s new Gift-a-Battle-Pass initiative, you can also acquire extra points if you gift Battle Passes to friends! Dota will grant special titles attached to your gamer tag on your profile and the Versus screen in recognition of your generosity.

Gifting a single Battle Pass earns you the title of “The Selfless.” Gift 3 and you’ll be known as “The Benevolent”. The kindest individuals who gift 5 will be respected as “The Wise.”

How to Level Up in New Game Modes

This year, Battle Pass includes a bunch of fun ways for players to earn Battle Points – whether running solo or in a team. Get knee-deep into challenges, quests, guild contracts, and more to gain levels!

  • Cavern Crawl

There’s an all-new Cavern Crawl minigame – Nightsilver & Foulfell – that features 2 distinctive maps. If you’ve just started Battle Pass, you’ll only have access to Nightsilver, with Foulfell being unlocked after venturing deep enough into the caverns.

Each map has 3 paths: one for utility heroes, one for carries, and one for supports. Advance the paths by fulfilling specific quests using certain heroes to win the game. Earn Battle Points as you continue your search for special tools and exclusive item sets to help you along the way. Once you’ve reached the end, there will be 3 special skins waiting to be unlocked.

Also, there is a wager system available for players confident in their skills. No matter if you choose to play a Cavern quest or another game type, you can wager and place tokens at the beginning of a match. If you’re victorious, you earn additional Battle Points. (June 5th update: wagering Battle Point rewards will be increased by 50%).

  • Achievements

Are certain stages too difficult to conquer in Cavern Crawl? Then maybe switch to achievement hunting for a while. You’ll find a lot more quests under the “Achievements” tab.

Cavern Crawl takes into account the hero you play with, but achievements are more general and easier to complete. Quest difficulty here scales according to the Battle Points rewards – from simply giving high-fives to 500 players to much bigger completion conditions like Battle Pass gifting.

  • The Guild

The GuildA returning feature in this year’s Battle Pass is Guilds. Fans have been clamouring for this much-beloved community feature since its unceremonious removal in the Dota 2 Reborn update. But now guilds are back and they will have a much greater presence than before!

There are now greater incentives for creating or joining guilds together with your friends:

  • Daily Contracts – A Contract can be claimed from a set of daily objectives. When the objective is completed, the Guild will earn Guild Points and you’ll get Battle Points. (June 5th update: Battle Point rewards from completing guild contracts will be increased by 100%).
  • Guild Challenges – There will be 4 guild challenges available per week, each one unlocked upon completion of another. Get a squad of 3+ guildmates together to take on these challenges and receive Guild Points with every progression.

Reminder: Once you’re part of a guild, every match you play – no matter the game type – will garner Guild Points. So, whenever you roll with your guildmates, you can earn points and unlock collective rewards like emoticons, bonus challenges, in-game Guild Banner upgrades, Battle Pass bonuses, and more.

  • Battle Gauntlet

Battle Gauntlet

Are you itching to demonstrate your battle prowess? For the truly competitive players among you, prove yourself in the all-new Battle Gauntlet. When a challenge has been issued, put in one of the entry tickets that you get at the start and either go solo or with your mates to join the Gauntlet queue at the appointed daily time for your region.

What’s in it for you: win 3 games before you lose 2 and you’ll achieve 1500 Battle Points and a Battle Tier upgrade. Based on your skill bracket, you’ll start in Tier 1, 2, or 3, but the finest warriors could climb to the heights of 10. So, sharpen up your skills!

25% of All Dota 2 Battle Pass Proceeds Go Towards the International Prize Pool

25% of All Battle Pass Proceeds Go Towards the International Prize PoolAs is the tradition in previous years, Battle Pass still remains the popular The International (TI) crowdfunding mechanic, with 25% of the proceeds from all Battle Pass sales being channelled into the e-sports event’s prize pool.

Thanks to Battle Pass, last year’s TI boasted a whopping total of $34,330,068, with the top prize being $15,620,181 for the event’s champions! Each year, the Dota community surpasses expectations and establishes a new world record for the highest e-sports prize pool.

This year’s prize pool already starts at $1.6 million, but it grows steadily with each purchase made by players. Within only 3 days since Battle Pass’ release, the $10 million milestone was nearly smashed. If the upward trend continues, the Dota community might hit $40 million very soon!

Conclusion: Get the Dota 2 Battle Pass

These are the fun ways Dota offers players to level up and reap a plethora of rewards in this year’s Battle Pass. Whether you’re a solo or teams player, pick the mode(s) that you’ll enjoy the most fun in and hopefully soon, you’ll get a shot at unlocking the newly released Arcanas – Wraith King, Queen of Pain, Windranger – and Personas – Toy Plush Pudge, Female Anti-Mage.

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