Party Hard 2 is Now Available on Steam with 10% off

Party Hard 2 online

Party Hard 2 is Out on Steam

Party Hard 2 is the sequel of the first Party Hard, developed by Pinokl Games Kverta and published in a tiny Build. It is available in Alpha 1 stage on steam.

Party Hard 2 online-wallet codes
Party Hard 2 Is Now Available on Steam

Hello Party People! Welcome back to Party Hard! .It’s 3am and you just want to get some sleep.  Stop parties using hundreds of new ways, incidentally destroy a drug syndicate, and save the Earth from an alien invasion. May the chickens be with you!

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About this Game

party hard 2 online play-wallet codes
party hard 2 online play-wallet codes

The player is a crazy person and want to stop the begin with he has to kill somebody  in order to stop the party you have many ways on how to do it,namely destroy a drug syndicate and unique way of killing for this reason you  will  get points .  In addition you have to be cautious on not getting caught when you kill them.

Party hard review-wallet codes
Party hard review-wallet codes

This game focuses on how to dealt with the party goers and how to solved it by killing them. You have to used any ideas to makes sure that the party must stop in any ways, with the help of the players dancing and blending skills, with each kill the player will get the amount of points  it depends on what action you may take to aim it.

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steam wallet codes
steam wallet codes



 party hard 2 on steam
party hard 2 on steam

The developers describe the content like this;

Party Hard 2 contents frequent use of alcohol, drugs and cartoon violence, and may not be suitable for all audiences parental guidance is advice.

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