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Turn Up the Heat: Free MLBB Diamonds for the Summer!

Wallet Codes Taiwan

Hot summer, hotter deals. 

Only on Wallet Codes Taiwan. 

TAIPEI: Wallet Codes Taiwan brings on the heat with summer deals for all Mobile Legends products, including Mobile Legends Diamonds top-up cards, Mobile Legends Twilight Pass, Mobile Legends Starlight Membership, and Mobile Legends Starlight Membership Plus this June, available for purchase on the Wallet Codes website and Android mobile app.  

From today until July 31st, Wallet Codes Taiwan is offering users a series of promotions, including free MLBB Diamonds and hero skins! 

Details as below: 

  • Buy between MLBB 278-1788 diamonds, and get 10 MLBB Diamonds for free; 
  • Buy between MLBB 3005-6012 diamonds, and get 30 MLBB Diamonds for free; 
  • Buy an MLBB Starlight Member (incl PLUS) or Twilight Pass Redemption Card, and get an MLBB hero skin for free; 
  • [Weekend Bonus] Complete any purchase during weekends to get an additional MLBB hero skin for free! 

*Promotions last from now until July 31, 2022. For registered Wallet Codes members only. Gifts are in limited supply, while stocks last. 

If you’re wondering what is included in the two subscriptions, or which subscription is better suited for you, you’re in luck, because we got you covered! 

Keep scrolling for more details: 
1) Twilight Pass 
Upon acquiring the Twilight Pass, players are granted access to exclusive benefits and rewards that can be unlocked when certain account levels are reached. 

Here’s the list in chronological order: 

  • Instant unlock: Tickets x200, Diamond Hero Trial Card Pack (1 day) x1, (Zilong) Glorious General Skin Trial Card x1  
  • Level 8: Tickets x200, Diamond Hero Trial Card Pack (1 day) x2, (Eudora) Flame Red Lips Skin x1 
  • Level 10: Tickets x300, Deluxe Skin Trial Card Pack (1 day) x2, Star Protection Card x1 
  • Level 12: Tickets x350, Double Exp Card (3 days) x1, Luxury Tickets x5 
  • Level 15: Tickets x350, (Miya) Suzuhime Skin [EXCLUSIVE] x1, Epic Skin Trial Card (1 day) x2  
  • Level 20: Tickets x500, Luxury Tickets x10, Twilight Pass Avatar Border  

2a)Starlight Member 
Instant option to choose from one of five Limited Permanent skins, as well as further benefits including: 

  • Unlock Premium prize pool 
  • Free Heroes every week  
  • Free Skins every week  
  • Exclusive Avatar Borders (31-Day) 
  • Bonus Weekly Rewards 
  • Obtain an additional 10 Protection Points when losing a Ranked match. 
  • Starlight Exclusives: 
    • Exclusive Killing Notification, Elimination Effect, Recall Effect, Spawn Effect 
    • Exclusive Profile 
    • Exclusive Chat Frame 
    • Exclusive Battle Emotes 
  • Receive 30% more Mastery Points for each match. 
  • 1x Free refresh of the Mysterious Shop 
  • Extends in-game friends’ quota to 200 
  • Receive 10% more EXP for every match. 
  • Unlock Starlight Talent Page 
  • Receive 5% more BP for every match. 
  • Obtain rewards from the previous day in the “7-Day Login” 

2b) Starlight Member PLUS 
Enjoy all basic level features, with additional benefits including: 

  • Instant claim of Starlight Gem from Premium prize pool.  
  • Instant upgrade to Level 29 (Worth 2900 Diamonds, for a total of 6000 Diamonds worth)   

Mobile Legends Diamonds top-up cards, Twilight Pass digital redemption cards, as well as Starlight Member and Starlight Member Plus digital subscription cards can be purchased on all Wallet Codes Taiwan platforms.  


About Wallet Codes 
Wallet Codes is a one-stop portal for gamers and shoppers alike to purchase affordable in-game currencies and digital gift cards from world-popular online games, entertainment services and stores such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Garena, iTunes, Netflix, Nintendo, and many more. 

Featuring more than 50 game titles and gift cards to choose from, Wallet Codes enables hassle-free purchase experiences for users through multiple payment modes, facilitating safe and fast transactions. Every successful purchase enables users to be a part of the P Points loyalty reward program, whereby accumulated points can be redeemed to purchase any voucher and gift card available on the platform. The highlight? There are no expiry dates or required redemption periods.

Since its inception in 2017, Wallet Codes has expanded to seven operating countries across East and Southeast Asia regions including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. Visit for more info. 
Buy. Redeem. Reward. Repeat. 

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