4 Easy Steps on How to Buy Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile

4 Easy Steps on How to Buy Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most addictive titles to ever come out of mobile gaming! Bursting onto the scene with its robust gameplay mechanics, PUBG Mobile has attracted millions of players to rival that of PC and console gaming. And as the developers continue to add new features to the game, one thing that keeps long-time players engaged is the exciting Royal Pass Seasons. Let us show you how to buy Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile in 4 quick and easy steps.

1. Find the RP icon.

First, open your PUBG Mobile app and search for the RP icon on the right side of your screen. Click on it.

2. Click on UPGRADE PASS.

Next, tap UPGRADE PASS at the bottom right of your screen.

2. Click on UPGRADE PASS.

3. Select your preferred Royal Pass plan.

Make a choice between either purchasing the Elite Upgrade Plan for 600 UC or Elite Upgrade Plus plan for 1800 UC. Keep in mind that Elite Upgrade offers 4,000 UC worth of rewards whereas Elite Upgrade Plus offers a whopping 10,000 UC worth!

3. Select your preferred Royal Pass plan.

4. Upgrade your Account.

And you’re done! You’ll receive the following screen to inform you of your Royal Pass purchase.

Only for True PUBG Players

Getting Unknown Cash (UC) has become the most proactive way for players to fully enjoy everything PUBG Mobile has to offer. UC lets players purchase rare weapon skins, outfits and a number of other premium items from the PUBG shop. This adds a lot more flair and personality on the battlefield as players get to show off their style.

Since UC has become such a precious commodity, you might wonder what is the best way to top up UC without any hassle. Well, knowing how much time and effort it takes for players to collect UC in-game, maybe you should try out Wallet Codes. Wallet Codes offers various UC packs at really affordable prices, with quick and simple payment methods.

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