How to Increase UC in PUBG

How to Increase UC in PUBG

There are multiple ways on how to increase UC in PUBG mobile.
First, don’t believe the unlimited hack hype! It will only give you trouble from rabbit holes of ads to potential phishing emails, so don’t ever be that desperate. We’ll be learning how to increase unknown cash legally.

You can increase your UC for free.

Free Google Play Credits

Do you know Google Opinion Rewards?

Designed by Google, this app provides user surveys that they should complete for money. It has been around since 2017 and is a great source of income, albeit below the minimum wage.

It’s simple: download the app and register. Once signed in, complete surveys and tasks to earn enough money, and drag them by choosing Google Play as your payment method. You can then buy UC directly or take the option to upgrade your account, then follow the method. Remember this is very tedious and will take a lot of your precious playing time.

This advice also applies to other online revenue streams, which is much better than trying to get a free UC hack for PUBG Online, so if you’re already earning money online, keep that in mind! There are also money apps which are similar to Google rewards. You can download them and start earning money on task-related jobs.

Participate in Giveaways

If you are rich in luck, you can participate in giveaways organized by Youtubers, Streamers, PUBG Mobile Content Creators, Players, and other related individuals and organizations. You can follow players and streamers who organize UC Giveaways or Royal Pass Giveaways on a regular basis on Youtube, Discord, Instagram, Nimo TV and any other platform where they are active.

One tip is that you can follow as many PUBG Mobile players on Instagram as you can. So, you’ll be updated with all the prized tourneys and custom rooms whenever they promote any. Another way is to download apps like PlayerZon, MPL, etc. Make sure that only use the apps that have legit reviews. You can win matches on such apps and earn money which you can spend to buy UC in PUBG Mobile.

Play Bonus Challenge

There is an in-game option in PUBG Mobile known as Bonus Challenge. You can play the Bonus Challenge to win Bonus coins which you can redeem for free UC Packs. Remember that you will need some UC in your account first to be able to play the Bonus challenge. There is also an option to bet bonus coins to win more coins, or you can win the bonus challenge matches to win coins. You also get bonus coins when you watch ads but it is a really slow method to earn coins.

It’s a highly recommended method because all you need are some UC, skills, and teamwork.

Participate in Tournaments and Custom Rooms

There are many tournaments, contests, and custom rooms organized daily by Youtubers, PUBG Mobiles players and apps where you can win UC as a prize. YouTubers often hold subscriber games where they reward the winner with free UC. If you have the skills and the team to shine in such tourneys, you can win lots and lots of Unknown Cash. Just keep following the people who organize such regular tournaments and custom rooms on their Youtube, Instagram, Discord and Facebook.

Ask for It As a Gift From Your Close Ones

If it is your birthday (or you can pretend it is), or Christmas or any other occasion where your loved ones are looking to give you a present, just let them know that you want UC as your gift. You can also ask for money and save it up to spend on PUBG Mobile. It all depends on you. Also, you can ask your friends for any spare Google play gift cards.

Save Money and Purchase a Subscription

PUBG Mobiles offers two types of monthly subscriptions, Prime and Prime Plus. Prime subscription costs 85 INR which gives 150 UC in total while Prime Plus costs 850 INR and gives 900 UC. Both the subscriptions come with other added rewards with the Prime Plus having an edge over. Purchasing a subscription is actually more beneficial than directly purchasing UC. For example, you’ll get only 60 UC for 80 INR but with the Prime subscription, you can get 150 UC for 85 INR.

Using Elite Royale Pass Rewards

Our second method may be very time consuming, but it is very effective. If you want to increase your Unknown Cash and you just need to spend $10 once.

You must open PUBG Mobile and buy 600 UC. This will give you 60 UC bonus as well. After that, you must purchase an Elite Royale Pass card (worth 600 UC) and complete each weekly task that appears – if you do this throughout the season, you will get enough UC to buy the Elite Royale Pass card and repeat the process. You will also earn other things by doing so, such as cards, new moves and cosmetics.

Upgrade your Account and Get Free UC for PUBG mobile

When you play without cash on the game, you will never be able to get UC in PUBG for free, even if you win every battle. However, purchasing an Elite Pass or Royal Pass will put you at an advantage. Each time you complete seasonal tasks (something you can only do by swiping), you’ll earn different types of prizes and rewards. One of them, of course, is UC. If you’re looking for how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile and your Android or iOS smartphone has no roots or modifications, this might be the best way for you. Try to get a permit as a gift from a friend and enjoy.

Should I Give My PUBG Account Details to Someone Claiming to Give Free UC?

NO and NEVER. Don’t ever give your PUBG Mobile account to anyone who you don’t trust as they may steal your account. Also, keep your account safe from phishing websites and apps. None of the legit websites which are able to give UC will ask for your username and password. All the UC transactions are now possible only using the 10-Digit PUBG Mobile-ID.



These were all the ways through which you can get some free UC when you play PUBG Mobile. Follow our advice and hopefully soon, you’ll have that M416 Glacier skin or Rockstar AKM skin you’ve always dreamt of. Just use these and get UC to give your character some real good looks. Also, stay safe from the generators or scammers who are looking to steal your account. One more thing to remember is to never purchase UC from the unauthorized medium as this may result in getting your account hacked or banned.

If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to use the comment box. I’ll be glad to listen.


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