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VALORANT’s Newest Agent Deadeye likely coming with the arrival of Episode 3 – Act 3

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The French marksman will be a welcome addition to the game!


VALORANT released its newest map, Fracture, during Episode 3 – Act 2. Shortly before it was released, Riot showcased a teaser of the map  with an unfamiliar voice doing a monologue in the background. It was distinctly French and thus the theorycrafting for VALORANT’s newest agent, Deadeye, began. Deadeye will likely be joining the growing list of VALORANT agents on November 2 or 3 (depending where you are on the globe) which is the slated end date for the current season. Here’s everything we know about Deadeye, the second new agent in VALORANT’s Episode 3.


Who is Deadeye?

Riot first teased Deadeye during the VALORANT  Year One Anthem video which premiered way back in June of this year. For a brief moment at the 3:22 minute mark we see the first ever image of Deadeye.



The name Deadeye was datamined by a number of leakers and from then on it was just accepted as his name. His dapper clothing absolutely gives him James Bond vibes and with a name like Deadeye you’d expect him to have a kit that amplifies his gunplay. Then came his voice teaser during the Fracture teaser and he was quite decisively French.

In late August, Riot tweeted another Deadeye breadcrumb with a high-caliber bullet (likely from an Operator) with interesting and seemingly ethereal effects.

The newest map, Fracture, also featured a lot of lore easter eggs. One of them was a mention of a security announcement regarding a man named Vincent Fabron, which is likely and rightfully assumed to be Deadeye’s real name. The other name mentioned in Fracture easter eggs was Paul Delmann which doesn’t exactly sound French.


Kits and Abilities

It is very likely that Deadeye will turn out to be a Sentinel. There are currently only three Sentinels in VALORANT. Sage and Cypher were released alongside the game’s launch in June 2020.  Killjoy was the first and only Sentinel released post-launch a couple of months later in August. Since VALORANT’s launch, Riot has released two new Duelists (Yoru and Reyna who was a new agent on the game’s launch), two Initiators (Skye and KAY/O), and one Controller (Astra). The time seems ripe for Riot to release another Sentinel with Deadeye.

Unlike Killjoy and Cypher who are Sentinels that focus on their traps and turrets to lockdown a site or angle, Deadeye will be a Sentinel focused on his gunplay much like Reyna. His name, Deadeye, also seems to indicate that he is a sniper or marksman of some kind and that could be a tell to what his kit and abilities may be like. While there are no guarantees about Deadeye’s details except for his appearance, we can all but theorycraft at this point. Fortunately we won’t have to wait long with the current season nearly at an end, official Riot teasers are expected very, very soon.


Alongside Deadeye, a new Battlepass will once again be released for VALORANT’s Episode 3 – Act 3 with a slew of new cosmetics, profile icons, and sprays. We could also expect some of the new cosmetics to be an homage to Deadeye’s aesthetics and lore.  Top up your VALORANT points with digital codes available on Wallet Codes MY to add more swag to your gun collection and maybe even jumpstart your way to unlocking Deadeye  once Episode 3 – Act 3 goes live!


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