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CONQuest Was A Blast!

CONQuest Was A Blast!

The recently concluded CONQuest was a blast that brought an international caliber event to Philippine shores last July 23-24. Thousands of fans flocked from around the Philippines and the world came to enjoy the festivities. CONQuest was a banger of an event as they brought international streamers, voice actors, and content creators straight to Manila. Here are some of the most memorable moments of CONQuest 2022.

The Inazuma Titas

Conquest was a blast

Genshin Impact is a phenomenon around the world, especially in the Philippines. With two Filipino Voice Actors playing two of the most popular characters from Genshin Impact’s Inazuma arc, it was a no-brainer to fly both Anne Yatco and Ratana in. The two became the headliner for many CONQuest goers and their Community Stage Event garnered a lot of love and attention!

Everything Kyedae

Kyedae Shymko rose to stardom on the heels of VALORANT superstar boyfriend Tyson ‘Tenz’ Ngo. The streamer caused a scene wherever she went at CONQuest. With hordes of fans looking to take a glimpse of the dazzling streamer, her bouncers had to work extra to keep her safe during her events and when she simply went around the venue. Kyedae loved the Philippines so much that she even went to Boracay with her sister, Sakura, after CONQuest. She hopes to come back to CONQuest next year with Tenz.

LilyPich x Kitz Cua

Conquest was a blast

LilyPichu is a bonafide streaming superstar known all over the world. Kitz Cua is a popular cosplayer with thousands of fans in the Philippines. The two were meming each other for a while as their respective doppelgangers. In CONQuest 2022, the two finally met and Kitz Cua even wore a red wig in honor of Lily’s current hairstyle. It was absolutely epic and it did not mess up any timeline. 

While CONQuest 2022 is already over but it was a blast and we already can’t wait for next year’s edition. 

Photos are from CONQuest Festival’s Facebook Page and Kitz Cua’s Facebook Page.

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