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Here are some of the best titles with every PSN Plus subscription


With a huge number of games to choose from in PSN’s catalog, it can be quite daunting to pick out the next title you should play. Thankfully, there is an impressive array of awesome games included with every member of PS Plus. Here are some of the best titles with every PSN Plus subscription.

Explore the world of Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

The original version of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake featuring Cloud’s first step in his journey across Midgar was already a masterpiece. With an exciting combat system, beautiful graphics, and an intriguing story to push you forward, the first one was already a masterpiece in its own right. In Intergrade, you also get to enjoy the journey of ninja Yuffie and her companion Sonon. Yuffie becomes a key member of Cloud’s journey in the future and this story is definitely more than worth your time. 


Become an adorable cat in Stray

Set in a dystopian world where humans are no longer around, Stray puts you in the paws of a cat looking for its family (of fellow stray cats) across a mysterious and fascinating post-apocalyptic world. The fresh premise offers a truly adorable experience as you must make use of your feline abilities to move the story forward. Of course, you can also do totally cute cat things like scratching furniture, dancing on a piano, and who’s gonna forget purring and meowing? Meowing even has its own dedicated button. Stray is a must-play for lovers of cats and the adventure genre. 


Go against the divine in God of War

If you missed out on the return of Kratos as one of the best dads in the video game pantheon in God of War, we’d like to kindly invite you out of the rock you’ve been hiding under all this while. This time around, Kratos is joined by his son Atreus on a journey across Scandinavia. Going up against Norse gods is a much-needed change of pace after Kratos annihilated the Greek gods in the previous games. While Kratos is, for the most part, still true to his nihilistic and stay-off-my-lawn personality, the added dynamic with Atreus and his responsibilities as a father makes this story all the more compelling. God of War is one of the best action-adventure RPGs dare I say, ever, and you should be doing yourself a favor by giving it a run.


Become the hero of feudal Japan in Ghost of Tsushima

A stylized and beautiful game with obvious inspiration from legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, Ghost of Tsushima puts you in the shoes of samurai Jin Sakai, at the peak of the first Mongol invasion on Tsushima island, off the tip of southern Japan. Coordinate lethal combat with your katana, tanto, bow, and a multitude of other weapons at your disposal, and you will be treated with intense combat in Ghost of Tsushima, a gory delight that would make any Souls-like fan giggle with murderous glee. The Samurai way that Jin knows must evolve if he hopes to be victorious against the Mongols. If you like samurais, ninjas, and Japanese culture in general, then this stellar game from developers Sucker Punch is a must-play. 


Marvel’s Spiderman

The Marvel Cinematic Universe for its over a decade run has been and continues to be a joy to many. On the games side of things, however, Marvel releases had been underwhelming at best, that is, until Marvel’s Spiderman. This was a long-time coming for Marvel and Spiderman fans who have been patiently waiting all their lives that someday, something great would arrive. And dare we say, great responsibility was indeed taken by Insomniac Games to bestow upon us this game, Marvel’s Spiderman. 

As Spiderman, you fight crime, swing across the concrete jungle that is New York City, and meet a zany cast of iconic characters plus fresh faces that are all worthy of the Marvel name. The sequel is also available on PS Plus where you get to play as Peter Parker’s young protege, Miles Morales. 

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