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When is the Next Steam Sale? Upcoming Halloween Sales in 2022

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A little bit of patience goes a long way when it comes to Steam sales. Yet, oftentimes most wouldn’t know when a Steam Sale would begin, but not anymore, because we’ve got you covered! 

The next upcoming Steam Sale is going to be the Halloween Sale at the tail end of October. So prepare your wallets and wait just a little while longer, and who knows, you might just get the best deals Steam has to offer!


So When Exactly Is The Upcoming Steam Halloween Sale?

The dates for the Halloween Steam Sale this year will begin on October 25 and will continue until the 1st of November. On top of the regular discounts, expect a focus on horror games and some spooky events throughout the sale. New spooky stickers and cosmetics will likely also be available on the Steam Shop, so users can better flaunt their Halloween spirit through their accounts. 


What to Buy for the Steam Halloween Sale?

We got you covered fam.

We’ve listed some of the certified must-plays that are both highly rated and will likely be receiving discounts in the upcoming sale. 

Also, since it’s Halloween, we can’t forget to also include some horror games that’d help you sleep at night (not). 

Check them out below.


Survive Against The Zombie Apocalypse of Days Gone

Days Gone puts on the shoes of Deacon St. John in a zombie-infested world. After being an exclusive on the PlayStation for a long time, it was ported very successfully onto PC through Steam a few years ago. With lots of chaos and action abound in this open-world entry, this game shouldn’t be missed by fans of the zombie survival genre. 


Meet The Inhabitants of Resident Evil: Village

After years of going for a more action-heavy game, Resident Evil finally went back to its roots in Village after the similarly scary Resident Evil: Biohazard. Acting as a direct sequel to Biohazard, players return as Ethan Winters in another heart-pumping adventure. Explore an eerie village filled with giants, zombies, werewolves, and vampires in an adventure full of scares and thrills. If you haven’t met Lady Dimitrescu yet then what are you actually doing with your life? 


Explore the Underworld With Hades

A trip to the Underworld would be a perfect way to spend the Halloween. As Zagreus, son of Hades, you make the attempt to escape the realm of your father so you could explore the world above. Hades is a beautifully crafted roguelike experience where every death is a meaningful experience. Utilizing the various blessings of the Olympian gods, you can tailor each run to a particular playstyle. But as told in Greek myths, the gods of Olympus are fickle and can turn on you when they feel like it. Hades is a game mythology buffs and enjoyers of the top-down action genre should definitely not miss. 


Craft and Survive with your friends in Don’t Starve Together 

Surviving is hard in Don’t Starve Together. Battling against hunger, your own sanity, and nature itself can be quite the overwhelming task. So suffer with your friends in Don’t Starve Together in one of the best survival coop experiences around. With a variety of elements to be tweaked to your liking during game creation, you can make your journey in the world of Don’t Starve Together all the more easier and harder, making it the perfect gateway to the genre. 


Enjoy A New Coop Zombie Experience in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is pegged as the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, a respected grand daddy in the zombie shoot coop genre. With a good number of characters to play, the game is made even more interesting by a card system that adds a lovely layer of variety to the zombie carnage. Back 4 Blood’s campaign isn’t the longest out there, but it has great replay value with different levels in the game (much like Left 4 Dead) while trying out different character combinations and card combos. Going for the zombie double-tap with a group of up to four friends in Back 4 Blood!


What game are you going to be playing this Halloween?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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