Best Cat Life in Stray – What to Expect

Live Your Best Cat Life in Stray

You can now live your best cat life in Stray. Cats are weird and wonderful creatures. In Stray, you can be as weird as you can be while playing as a cute cat. While the main story of Stray has you (as the cat) go on a journey in a dystopian adventure in search of your family (of cats), there are plenty of things that let you be the best cat that you can be in Stray. So here’s a list of wonderful cat things you can do in Stray. 

Clawing the carpet 

Sometimes as a cat, you just wanna take a paw and claw at something. Stray lets you claw at carpets and other things as long as you want and as rapidly as you can. You can even feel the resistance of what you scratch if you play on a PlayStation 5 thanks to the controller’s haptics! 

Make beautiful music on a piano 

As beautiful music as a cat can ever play at least. You’ll find some pianos scattered across the world and in true cat fashion, you can prance along the keys. While most of the time the notes played are random, our inner cat selves are still purring with glee.   

Get lost in the void… of a paper bag 

Exploration is piqued by curiosity and it’s amplified even further when you are a cat. Sometimes you see paper bags and you may be thinking to yourself that maybe there’s a collectible or a perk inside. But the devs are playing with your curiosity but you’re still going to check out the paper bag because you can’t help it and want to see what will happen if you do. 

Knocking things over 

You are going to be knocking over a lot of things during your time with Stray. It’s part of a cat’s DNA after all. Knocking over things is also a way you can solve some puzzles in the game. So go for it, break as much china as you like. It’s fun, we promise.  

Adverse reaction to clothing 

Cats don’t like clothes. Not as much as dogs since dogs do whatever to make sure their owners are happy. The first time the main character cat in Stray gets outfitted with a futuristic backpack to help in its adventures you can see how annoyed it gets. It’s for real adorable. But eventually, the cat learns to accept that the backpack is something that it needs in its quest to find its family. 

Meow, meow, meow 

Cats are said to have developed the meow as a way to communicate with humans. In Stray, though your meow has a dedicated button. So you can meow whenever you want and it has very interesting effects to say the least. Meow at everything and you’ll see just what it can do. You can also meow for no reason because that’s just what cats do.  


Have you played Stray yet? If not, you are missing out and we highly recommend it. Remember that you can live your best cat life in Stray. It’s available on Steam for the PC and on both PlayStations. Enjoy your best cat life in Stray with Wallet Codes. Top-up Steam Wallet Codes now!

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