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APP REVEAL: Wallet Codes Finally Launched Its App!

Your game voucher and gift card top-ups have never been this exciting. Behold! Wallet Codes finally has an Android app that you can download from the Play Store. The most exciting game voucher top-up site is now at your fingertips! Available in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, starting May 2021. 

With multiple payment options such as mobile load (Globe/Smart), e-wallets (GCash/GrabPay/Coins), Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamonds, Garena Shells, Steam Wallet Codes, and other game currencies will now be much easier and more convenient to top-up. 

Let’s take a sneak peek at the Wallet Codes app. 


Smooth and Clear Game Voucher Selection


Wow! So many game vouchers and gift cards! Look at those bad boys! Steam Wallet Codes, PUBG Mobile UC’s, Mobile Legends Diamonds, Google Play Gift Cards, Nintendo eShop, Garena Shells (Call of Duty Mobile or CODM), Roblox Gift Cards (Robux), and more. Shut up and take my money now!

As you can see, exciting promo announcements, top-selling game vouchers, and newly available products are all visible once you open the app. The app boasts a dark and smooth interface that everyone (especially the gamers) can enjoy. You can also breeze through it by swiping up so you can browse all available game vouchers and gift cards.

Secure and Flexible Login Options 

Talk about flexibility. The app still keeps the same login options as its website with Facebook, Google, and Steam accounts. After completing your details, a reCAPTCHA will pop out to check if there is a robot intervention during login. So far, I’m good! Whew! 😅

Personalized Dashboard 

Wait a minute! It no longer says, “Welcome back! Gamers”! Now, it says, “Welcome back! Wallet Codes User”. So amazing! Hats off to the Product Team, who made a more personal effort by acknowledging the user through this friendly dashboard we are now enjoying. Game voucher browsing can be more personal. 😃

Let the dashboard exploration continue… 

  1. My P Points Balance. Explains how you can use the exciting rewards system that is P Points or Purchase Points. More P Points, more perks!
  2. Redeem P Points. Allows the user to encode promo codes usually given away during Wallet Codes promo season or events. So, you better stay tuned for more exciting P Points promo codes!
  3. P Points History. Shows the user all previously encoded and redeemed P Points promo codes and their value.  

Reordering Your Favorite Game Voucher is Easy 

The “History” button will save gamers time, showing all previously purchased items that the user will no longer need to search. You can see the denomination, its price, and your preferred payment method. It is like a last save point for most gamers! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Tap the “History” button in the middle.
  2. Browse and select your last game voucher or gift card purchased by tapping “Reorder”.
  3. Then, the same payment method you selected last time will appear. You have the option to proceed or choose a new payment method.
  4. Key in your email address and mobile number.
  5. Then, click “Pay Now” to complete your order.

Easy peasy!

Multiple Convenient Payment Methods for Easy Game Voucher Top-Up

Ordering game vouchers and gift cards now feature an option to set a default payment method before proceeding to payment. Convenience overload!  

Wallet Codes Philippines currently supports these payment methods: 

  • Mobile load (Globe or Smart prepaid),  
  • e-wallets (GCash, GrabPay, or, and  
  • Payment centers (7-Eleven, Bayad Center, ECPay, or BDO Bank Payment). 

Once payment is completed, the game voucher or gift card will be delivered to the user instantly via email. The email will contain the purchase details such as the amount paid, payment method used, transaction ID, date purchased, and the number of P Points collected. Purchase details can also be seen in the ”History” section for easy reference. 

We are getting closer to the most exciting part of this mobile app reveal. 

Collect P Points and Redeem FREE GAME VOUCHERS! Exclusive to Wallet Codes Users Only

Current or newly registered Wallet Codes users are entitled to collect Purchase Points or P Points for every game voucher or gift card purchase. The more they top-up any game voucher, the more P Points they can collect. Accumulated P Points can be redeemed for free game vouchers or gift cards of the user’s choice only on Wallet Codes.  

FREE Game Vouchers and Gift Cards with Wallet Codes P POINTS

 Look at those FREE GAME VOUCHERS!  

Just remember that for every 1 peso you pay, you also earn 1 P Point. And with Wallet Codes, P Points promos can go up to 3X or more. So, stay tuned for more exciting and exclusive perks.

And that concludes our mobile app reveal. Who knew that topping up game vouchers has never been this easy, exciting, and rewarding!? Only on Wallet Codes. 


Wait! There’s MORE! 

Do you want to enjoy all these perks (FREE GAME VOUCHERS)? Then, REGISTER NOW because you are in so much luck!

Collect your FREE 1,200 P POINTS when you download Wallet Codes mobile app and register. Once you register, you can now enjoy collecting more P Points for every game voucher or gift card top-up and use them to redeem FREE GAME VOUCHERS of your choice. Only on Wallet Codes.



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