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Wallet Codes Launches GG’NIGHT Event

Wallet Codes

Last August 27, 2021 – Wallet Codes Philippines officially launched GG’NIGHT. Kicking off with Wallet Codes’ featured Ambassadors – Abi Gaming, Anj Gaming, and HellHounds Gaming as casters.

Wallet Codes

GG’NIGHT was introduced to engage with Wallet Codes followers and customers through friendly matches with the Ambassadors and most importantly – community giveaways. GG means ‘Good Gaming’, a gaming lingo used among gamers.

The first-ever Wallet Codes GG’NIGHT game that was played was Garena Call of Duty: Mobile – Battle Royale. This mode is open to 100 players which includes the Ambassadors. This is a public invitation to public viewers where they can win CODM Battle Passes (worth 200 Garena Shells) per win.

Garena Shells Top up

How to join and WIN

To join GG’NIGHT – participants must download the Wallet Codes mobile app, register their team on designated link, and wait to be qualified. Its a first-come-first-served basis. Sometimes, public viewers can also join through a publicly disclosed room ID shared by the shoutcaster.

Now, to win the matches, there are two (2) ways:

  • Bounty system. Players can kill the casters Abi, Anj, and HellHounds in every match and they can instantly win 200 Garena Shells.
  • Highest kill. Players can also set the highest kill as their goal in every match in order to win 200 Garena Shells.

Not just that, viewers can also win Battle Passes by just watching and sharing the live stream with their friends and groups.

Wallet Codes

By just sharing the stream, viewers can win up to 1,000 Garena Shells if live views reach 500+ views.

GG’NIGHT also showcased some of its Ambassadors’ creative short video introducing the Wallet Codes mobile app and how to redeem P Points.

Wallet Codes GG Night Event

Abi Gaming demonstrating how to use the Wallet Codes Mobile App


Wallet Codes GG Night Event

Archer Perez showing how to redeem and use P POINTS Rewards on Wallet Codes

GG’NIGHT along with Wallet Codes and FIGHT Esports, hopes to connect many gamers, the esports community, and livestreams from various social media platforms such as Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and even TikTok Live and promote healthy gaming and build an engaging environment.




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