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Your Diablo Immortal Guide

Your Diablo Immortal Guide

Diablo Immortal is one of Blizzard Activision’s biggest releases of 2022. Wyatt Cheng and the rest of Blizzard wanted the Diablo game to be accessible to every gamer so they took the game to mobile. Diablo Immortal is a hard game because hell shouldn’t be easy but we are here to help. So here are some tips to help you along in the world of Sanctuary.   

Get To Know Your Stats and Choosing Your Class 

Depending on your class in Diablo Immortal, you want to go for equipment or gems that favor particular stats. Reaching the end game in Diablo Immortal won’t require you to optimize or min-max your stats but that all changes after the credits roll. Every point of stat matters with end-game bosses and even more so in PLDT. So here’s the breakdown of what stats do to figure out which you should be going for.  

  • Strength – Strength increases physical damage 
  • Intelligence – Intelligence increases magic damage
  • Fortitude – Fortitude increases your armor as well as armor penetration.
  • Vitality – Vitality increases your health total.
  • Willpower – Willpower increases potency and resistance 

Melee and even ranged characters should focus more on Strength, Fortitude, and Virality. Intelligence will be a priority for the Wizard class in particular. I’ve always been a fan of glass cannon builds so max Intelligence (for a Wizard) or max Strength (for a Demon Hunter) is something I’m always gravitated towards. High risk, high rewards!  

If you want the perfect beginner class, it would be perfect to go for either the Crusader or the Barbarian! Tanky characters make it easier to ease into the Diablo Immortal experience. Just tank and spank all the demons away! 

Make The Grind Easier! 

A very important setting in Diablo Immortal is actually enabling the auto pick-up and the default settings. You are gonna be picking up a gargantuan amount of items through your adventures in Sanctuary. As satisfying as it is to pick up loot on the ground for the first few hours, it gets stale really fast. Enabling the auto pick-up via proximity will be something your future self thanks you for the more you play Diablo Immortal.  

Grinding Them Legendaries 

Part of Diablo’s charm has always been the grind and with Diablo Immortal it is no different. Here are the best spots to grind throughout your journey in Diablo Immortal depending on your level and progress through the story.  

Early Game – In the early stages of Diablo Immortal, the best spot to farm the loot is actually in Ashwood Cemetery, a place you unlock an hour into the game. Specifically, you’ll be spending your time with the dead over at the Ossuary with plenty of rare spawns. 

Mid Game – This usually begins at level 60 after you finish your first-ever playthrough of Diablo Immortal. The dungeons, rifts, and raids you’ve unlocked at this level will all have their use so it’s all about a matter of picking your poison. You should start going for the runes for your Legendary gems and this is when you should also start going for the gear stats that really matter. It’s min-maxing at this point!  

End Game – This is the true Diablo Immortal experience. You start earning Paragon Levels to further strengthen your character. You also unlock new difficulty levels Hell 1, 2, 3, and 4. The trick here is to go for the hardest Hell difficulty on content that you can confidently do. Then you raise it the better your equipment gets! Go for variety and push the limits to have the best chance for loot!  


Diablo Immortal is a grind so don’t worry too much about the FOMO and do the grind in your own time. The moment you get impatient is when you start going down the spending rabbit hole. Diablo Immortal can be free to play but spending can speed things up. It’s a slippery slope so make sure you spend wisely. 

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