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Tower of Fantasy Guide for Beginners

Tower of Fantasy Beginner Tips Guide

Tower of Fantasy is a massive game and fans all over the world are already buying into the hype that is why we created this article – Tower of Fantasy for Beginners. Gorgeous graphics and a deep action-based combat system have kept fans hooked ever since it was released early in August. But are you feeling overwhelmed about the dense world of Tower of Fantasy’s Aida? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Here are some tips to kickstart your journey as the wanderer in Tower of Fantasy! 

Explore Every Nook And Cranny! 

Aida is a vast and open world filled with wonderful treasures and rewards. Those willing to uncover the secrets of Aida through exploration will be rewarded in Tower of Fantasy from Summons to Precious Materials. So make sure you check out that cliff, cave, and any anomaly you may come across during your adventures.   

Be Aware of the Daily Cap! 

You can only do so much in a single day in Tower of Fantasy while starting your journey. There is actually a level cap of 18 for Day 1, 24 for Day 2, and so on. Tower of Fantasy starts becoming a lot more interesting once you reach level 20 but the game does limit your progress at first. So be aware of this fact and don’t just grind mindlessly during your first few days in Tower of Fantasy! 

Chests Respawn! 

Chests in Tower of Fantasy come in a variety of shapes. Triangle and rectangular chests that reward materials for upgrading weapons, ingredients for making food, and good old experiences respawn after a set amount of time. But the rare orb-shaped chest that rewards Gold and Black  Nucleus, as well as Dark Crystals, sadly does not.  

Food is good! 

Food provides a bounty of beautiful effects for your character apart from healing. It can also increase stamina (for climbing and charge attacks), resistance, and elemental damage, among other things. Every playstyle in Tower of Fantasy can be complemented by specific food buffs you just have to explore! From fried eggs to steamed crab to dragon fruit tea, there is a whole gastronomical experience to be had in Tower of Fantasy! 

Become a weapon master! 

Tower of Fantasy has a ton of weapons to choose from! Luckily for players, you can actually learn all the combos from the Warehouse menu! In the Weapons Menu, navigate to Warehouse, find the particular weapon you are curious about then finally you just have to click on the magnifying glass! This will list the combos you can pull off with the different weapons in  Tower of Fantasy. It may take a while to master your preferred weapons but you should definitely be spending some time studying their combos to maximize your combat effectiveness!   


Do you have any tips to share with new wanderers trying out Tower of Fantasy for the first time? You can also jumpstart your adventure in Tower of Fantasy with more summons and resources when you top-up Steam Wallet Codes on. Wallet Codes. Read here for more Tower of Fantasy guide for Beginners… 


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