These Console Ports On Steam Are Worth Your Time!

Classics console games are always worth a look and are also on Steam!  

Gaming and console exclusivity has gone hand in hand since the dawn of time… well, gaming. From Master Chief on the Xbox, to Mario on the Nintendo, and Sonic on the PlayStation, it was always a hard choice deciding what console you wanted to get. There is one way to enjoy the best of all worlds though and that was via PC gaming. PC ports of the most popular console games have come in troves to Steam. Here are some of the best that are definitely worth your time!  


Horizon Zero Dawn 

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Trailer 

Photo courtesy of PlayStation Store 

Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of Aloy, a Nora clan hunter, who fights to uncover the truth in this bizarre world with mecha-dinosaurs and the mysteries behind it. This PlayStation classic was well-beloved and had ample praise all around. Though the PC port had a rough start during its Steam launch, developer Guerilla Games put in the work to fix the game, and is now worth every penny.  Horizon Zero is available on PlayStation Store which you can purchase using PSN Gift Cards. Purchase PSN Gift Cards on Wallet Codes now. Click here to know more about redeeming your PSN Gift Cards 

Days Gone 

Days Gone PC Launch Trailer 

Photo courtesy of The Nerd Stash 

Days Gone puts you in control of a biker named Deacon St. John decapitating zombies in a post-apocalyptic Oregon. It was a game that definitely deserved more love but was thrown in with the zombie cookie-cutter game stereotype. It actually did a lot of things differently and was a great zombie game in its own right. The PC port had all the DLC bundled with it as well as upgraded visuals. It also allowed uncapped FPS which allowed you to panic at all the gory goodness of a large zombie horde barring down at you in fluid HD. 

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Persona 4 Golden 

Persona 4 Golden PC Steam Launch 

Photo courtesy of Steam 

The Persona series from ATLUS have nothing less than a cult following. Persona 4 Golden is a stylish  JRPG that lets you play as a high school student dealing with exams and first love. Oh, and you also have to solve a murder case while battling demons and spirits of various lore from around the world. Persona 4 Golden features a memorable cast and a top-tier soundtrack that really accentuates the experience. The Steam PC port available is as perfect as can be with optimization all around and flexible controller support.  

Death Stranding 

Death Stranding PC Launch Trailer 

Photo courtesy of Epic Games Store 

Hideo Kojima’s mind is a hard one to understand. It is much easier to play Death Stranding than to explain it. The game revolves around Norman Reedus with a whole lot of walking and a weird but cute baby. The game may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is an interesting ride either way. Death Stranding was beyond beautiful in depicting its desolate world on the PlayStation but with a super PC everything gets a noticeable visual upgrade. Death Stranding is one of the best games to benchmark your PC in modern game standards.  

Gears 5 

Gears 5 Launch Trailer 

Photo courtesy of Steam 

The COG Army’s fight against The Swarm continues in Gears 5. Take control of Kait Diaz as she seeks to uncover the origins of the Locusts and the truth behind her family in another outstanding Gears story. This PC port was actually good from launch so kudos to The Coalition for making sure it was as bug-free as possible. Its beautiful graphics and top-of-the-line optimization make this one an easy buy for PC gamers even if you aren’t a fan of the series.  

Final Fantasy XV 

FF XV PC Launch 

Photo courtesy of Steam 

Noctis’ ultimate road trip with the boys was a great ride on the PlayStation then the PC version was promised to be the best version of the game yet, and boy did Square Enix deliver. The game runs better than its console counterparts. Visual upgrades, new features, mods, plus all of the DLCs of the game packed in make this one a memorable trip in the world of Eos.  


PC ports can be a hit or a miss and we’re glad these games hit the mark in more ways than one. Even if you don’t have a console every gamer deserves to play these masterpieces.  

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