Kpop and Gaming Collaborations

Best Kpop Collaborations, Homages, and Moments in Gaming 

Gaming stans definitely appreciated these ones! 

The Korean wave (hallyu) has definitely taken over the majority of the world. Every corner of the world has fans that go crazy over the beauty and talent of Kpop and Korean culture in general thanks to the hallyu. Who hasn’t heard of BTS, TWICE, BLACKPINK, and IU to name a few stars that the small Korean peninsula has created? From one stan to another, here are some of the funniest gaming moments, homages, and collaborations from our favorite Kpop stars: 

TWICE in Genshin Impact 

Kpop and Gaming Collaborations

Kpop and Gaming Collaborations

Source: miHoYo/JYP Entertainment 

It looks like Genshin Impact’s creators actually are ONCEs and we’re all for it. In the newest region of miHoYo’s game, Inazuma, fans spotted the logo of the popular girl group TWICE. There is a quest in Seirai Island’s Amakumo Peak that features a wooden door with a logo that should be very familiar to ONCEs everywhere. miHoYo loves teasing its fans and if this leads to future collaboration between TWICE and Genshin Impact, this could become the game’s greatest crossover yet! 

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BLACKPINK’s Collaboration with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground 

Kpop and Gaming CollaborationsSource: PUBG/YG Entertainment 

Unlike TWICE’s tease with Genshin Impact, BLACKPINK has an official collaboration with hit Battle Royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds. This collaboration with the game will go on until the end of 2021 and features different cosmetics from outfits, hairstyles, weapon skins, and so much more. Show off your bias in the game if it’s Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, or Jennie as you slay your enemies in style and make BLINKs everywhere proud.   

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League of Legend’s K/DA and Kpop Music

Kpop and Gaming Collaborations

Source: Leaguefeed

K/DA is still one of the hottest Kpop groups despite mostly being on the virtual  plane. Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and the newest member Seraphine have been turning up the heat since Riot debuted them roughly three years ago. With bopping hits such as The Baddest and Pop Stars, they represent the beautiful marriage of gaming and Kpop to pristine perfection. The voices of American singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns alongside (G)I-dle members Soyeon and Miyeon bring life to this sexy  virtual girl group.  

CrossFire Feature with Suzy Bae and Ok Taecyon 

Bet you didn’t know about this one since this is the oldest collaboration on this list. CrossFire made a collaboration with Suzy Bae AND Ok Taecyon. This aired a few years after the hit kdrama Dream High so the two already had more than enough chemistry by then. This video actually featured both the star’s former groups 2PM and Miss A respectively. Suzy Bae and Ok Taecyon showed off their incredible talent very early into their careers and we were blessed with this little gem of an action short! 

BTS and T1’s Collab! 

Kpop and Gaming CollaborationsScreenshot from Run BTS 


It wouldn’t be a real Kpop list if it didn’t have BTS on it. BTS and esports giant T1 had an episode together on the popular web show Run BTS. It was a very memorable episode with members of the Bangtan Seonyondan and League of Legends superstar Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok  and the rest of T1 equally stanning one another.  Jin offered to cook for Lee ‘Effort’ Sang-ho in exchange for carrying him in a League of Legends game. J-Hope did a hilarious Garen impression. T1 belting BTS songs such as ‘Idol’ and ‘Boy With Luv’. There are too many moments to gush over and you just have to catch the episode for yourself.  


More kpop and gaming collaborations are surely in store for us in the future. What kpop and gaming crossover do you want to see?  


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