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WATCH: How to Use Wallet Codes Mobile App with Abi Gaming

Abi Gaming Enjoys Using Wallet Codes Mobile App.


Let’s try to break down the details on how Abi Gaming unveiled the Wallet Codes mobile app, shall we?

One regular day, Abi Gaming finished her work (very responsible). She decided to play her favorite FPS game – Garena Call of Duty: Mobile. Go check out and follow her Facebook page here.

Then, she remembered that a new season in Call of Duty: Mobile was recently released. So, she needed to buy Garena Shells for her Premium Battle Pass (as one should!) and lucky draws.

Oh! That’s right! Wallet Codes will save her day! Wallet Codes has a simple, fastest, and efficient way to top-up Garena Shells using prepaid mobile loads. Also, it’s not just Garena Shells you can top-up there.

More Game Vouchers and Gift Cards

These are the gaming vouchers and gift cards available inside the Wallet Codes mobile application here in the Philippines and its other regions:

Wallet Codes Abi Gaming CODM Garena Shells Top up

Unlocking Exciting Rewards

Abi Gaming was very excited when she was introducing the P Points Rewards. Because the more P Points you collect, the more chances of purchasing game vouchers or gift cards that you want.

Now, this is the best part of the video. She finally unlocked the powers of P Points Rewards and this is how excited she was…

Remember that P Points Rewards are exclusive only to registered Wallet Codes users. You can enjoy these exclusive rewards for your every purchase on Wallet Codes and use them to purchase more free game vouchers and gift cards!

That’s right! Exclusive rewards are more exciting with Wallet Codes. Download the mobile Android app here and register so you can start enjoying your Exclusive P Points Rewards.

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Wallet Codes Abi Gaming CODM

— END —


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