Introducing Valorant’s New Agent

Introducing VALORANT's New Agent

Introducing VALORANT’s New Agent. VALORANT’s agent pool welcomes Turkish Agent Fade to the game in a scary fashion in her latest trailer. HORRORANT has slowly become a meme in the VALORANT community despite not being a horror game, the FPS provides its fair bit of jump scares. Fade, a fear-fueled and nightmare-wielding Radiant, is an Initiator with a lot of intel gathering and crowd-control capabilities. With Fade, HORRORANT gets a whole new meaning thanks to the new VALORANT agent.  

Her first ability, Prowler, sends forth a shadow that homes in on nearby opponents. Upon contact, the Prowler will Terror Trail and nearsighted them. Terror Trail is Fade’s unique mechanic that tracks the movement of enemy agents affected. It’s a weaker version of Skye’s Seekers that can be deployed a lot more often not being an Ultimate ability.  

Fade’s second ability is called Seize, which when used throws a grenade-like ability that tethers all enemies caught in its radius. This works well against slippery agents like Jett and Neon locking them down for an easy frag.  

Introducing VALORANT's New Agent

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Last but not least is her Signature Ability called Haunt. The ability gives Sova’s Recon Dart more competition in the VALORANT meta. When Fade throws out her Haunt, a watcher will land in the location of her choosing and then reveal and apply Terror Trail to enemies caught in the radius.  

Her Ultimate Ability called Nightfall is an interesting amalgam of abilities. The wide area-of-effect is much like Breach’s Rolling Thunder but the similarities end there because enemies caught will be applied a Decay like Viper’s poisons and Terror Trailed. This allows Fade to easily cast Prowler as a follow-up to allow easier site entry or retake for her teammates.  

Fade has a lot of self-sufficient combo potential. She gains intel for herself and her team with Haunt. She can then quickly follow up with Prowler for a quick nearsighted or Seize to lock them in place. 

With the upcoming VALORANT patch veering away from Jett because of the nerf, it will be interesting what kind of potential Fade can bring to different team comps. Fade arrives alongside the new RGX 11z skin bundle. 

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