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MLBB New Hero Fredrinn

MLBB New Hero Fredrinn and Other Changes in the Latest MLBB Patch

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Continues to Evolve

It’s a little under two weeks since the latest patch hit Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Players have gotten to experience every nerf, buff, and adjustment to existing heroes that make up their favorite mobile MOBA game. Besides the usual changes in patches, Moonton decided to grace the players with a brand new beefy Fighter in the arena. Fredrinn, Mobile Legends’ latest addition, has been running the rounds in solo queue matches wreaking havoc.                             

It now feels like a good time to look back on the most recent patch to get a closer look at the game’s newest hero and some of the most significant changes that shook the game for this patch cycle.

MLBB New Hero Fredrinn Joins The Chaos

Hero Spotlight | Fredrinn | Rogue Appraiser | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 

Let’s take a quick recap of Fredrinn’s overall skill kit before we continue.


  • Passive – Crystalline Armor

    • Fredrinn’s bread and butter lie in his unique Passive Skill. He is able to take 6% of received damage into Crystal Energy that can be used to recover his own HP simply by wailing on the opponent.
  • Skill 1 – Piercing Strike

    • Fredrinn’s first skill is a front-facing stabbing attack that empowers his next basic attack and grants a combo point.
  • Skill 2 – Brave Assault

    • The second skill is a simple gap-closing dash that allows you to sidle up to your target enemy. Hitting an enemy with Brave Assault inflicts damage and slows the enemy and also grants Fredrinn a combo point.
  • Skill 3 – Energy Eruption

    • Energy Eruption is the first of Fredrinn’s skills that consume a combo point. Fredrinn damages all nearby opponents and immobilizes them after a short delay. The skill costs one combo point to cast but it also shortens the cooldown duration of the first two skills so it’s an even trade.
  • Ultimate – Appraiser’s Wrath

    • Fredrinn slams down his sword in a cone in front of him and consumes 3 combo points in the process. The ultimate skill includes 40% of the stored Crystal Energy so the more grey health you have stored up the more painful it is for your opponents.

Overall, Fredrinn is a unique package to include in any team lineup. He’s able to face tank most damage before either attempting to recover all the lost HP or pay back his opponents with his devastating ult. The lack of a resource bar means that players focus on resource managing the four combo point slots that are unique to the newest character in Mobile Legends. Fredrinn plays very differently from most of the other Mobile Legends Heroes. Besides the unique resource management factor, you have to take extra care with spacing out basic attacks in between basic abilities to get the most combo damage from your skill kit.

Moonton just gave its players a new hero that’s fun to play, has excellent damage and comeback mechanics, and remains a threat from his early level 4 power spike up until the late game. It isn’t all good news for players looking to pick up a new Tank Fighter though. His hard CC takes a long time to activate and it’s difficult to maximize the damage of your ultimate without banking a lot of grey health and potentially losing your life in the process. Nevertheless Mobile Legends’ newest hero Fredrinn is a wonderful addition to its wide assortment of complex heroes.

Other Changes Across the Board


Multiple changes have been made to MLBB besides the brand-new hero addition. Some very familiar faces have received a few buffs to their kits including some much-needed positive adjustments for Harith. Among the unlucky nerfed heroes in the most recent patch, Johnson stands out as one of the premier initiators in the group. However, like most patch notes in any MOBA, it will take a while if these changes significantly impact the use cases for all of these heroes. Some players can still choose to run their favorites even after numerous nerfs.

What do you think of Mobile Legends Newest Hero and some of the changes that Moonton made to the game? 

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