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MPL Season Key Moments

MPL Season Key Moments

The much-anticipated 10th Season of the Mobile Legends Professional League in the Philippines is in full swing and here are some of the MPL season key moments. Expectations have been shattered and new stars have been born in the most competitive season of Mobile Legends in the Philippines yet. Here are some of the best moments of MPL Season 10 so far! 

The Queen’s Fall 

The return of Jonmar ‘OhMyV33Nus’ Villaluna was supposed to be the return of Blacklist International to the top of the MPL food chain. Alongside rising star Kiel ‘OHEB’ Soriano and Danerie ‘Wise’ Rosario, Blacklist International was supposed to be unstoppable. But after a successful 2-1 opener against Nexplay Evos it was surprisingly downhill for Blacklist International thereafter. They were shocked by two straight losses from ONIC Philippines and ECHO. The competitive break of OhMyV33nus in Season 9 has done more harm than good and it will be interesting to see how Blacklist International fare the rest of their season with their shot caller not in fine form.  

Cinderella Run of ONIC 

Letting go of clout signing Edgar ‘Choox’ Umali was a fair price to pay for ONIC Philippines as they have had a fantastic season so far. The heroics of the whole team have been on full display throughout the season with convincing victories all around. MVP-worthy performances from Stepher ‘Sensui’ Castillo and Frinz ‘SUPER FRINZ’ Ramirez through key moments of their season so far have been nothing less than outstanding. The Philippine Hedgehogs are definitely on a roll. 

RSG’s Inner Demons 

After RSG’s championship run at the recent MSC Southeast Asia Cup without prolific coach Brian ‘Panda’ Lim, fans expected RSG to have another strong season with their coach back in the fold. But like Blacklist International, RSG are showing a lot of lackluster performances in MPL Season 10. While Jonard ‘Demonkite’ Caranto and Nathanael ‘Nathzz’ Estrologo are showing glimpses of what led RSG to the championship in Kuala Lumpur it is far from what they need in the highly competitive MLP Season 10.  

Filipino Exodus 

The likes of Jaylord ‘Hate’ Gonzales and Kairi ‘Kairi’ Rayosdelsol leaving the MPL for neighboring leagues in Southeast Asia is a great thing for the scene. With the Philippines the giant of Mobile Legends in the region, it was no surprise that the likes of Malaysia and Indonesia would eventually come knocking. The whole ML scene would benefit from the knowledge and expertise from the Philippines players and coaches who will now take their talents all around the Southeast Asian region.  


With the MPL Season 10 in full swing, the storylines are still developing but we’ve had one hell of an exciting season so far and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the fans.  


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