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The Best Mechanical Keyboards Per Category 

Only the best Keyboard representatives for each field 

Buying gaming peripherals used to be a simple task. People could walk boldly into any store and pick out a mouse and keyboard, no problem. Now, the hunt for your next computer accessories could become a daunting ordeal. Everything from Keyboards to Mousepads now blinks colors at you and that’s just the surface of the issue. There are a whole lot more options to choose from than before and that leaves a lot of wide-eyed future gamers left in confusion.

Well, we’re here to try and help you get through at least picking out your next Mechanical Keyboard. If you’ve ever thought that it’s about time to move on from your years-old keyboard then maybe this list can help. We’ve compiled some of the best keyboards for each and every keyboard type. Hopefully, it will teach you what to look for in your next gaming partner. 

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT – Full-Sized Keyboard 

The Best Mechanical Keyboards Per Category

We’re kicking things off with a big boy keyboard. Most traditional keyboards come in the Full-Sized category but it’s not for every gamer. Look towards the K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Keyboard from Corsair if you want to rock a keyboard setup with a full Numpad at your side. This specific version of the K95 comes with Elgato Stream Deck support, which is extremely helpful for budding streamers. Note that you also have six Macro Keys to the left side which can help give you an edge in your games. You can get the K95 XT with an included wrist rest and your choice of Cherry MX switches for around USD 150. 

Logitech G915 TKL – Wireless Keyboard 

The Best Mechanical Keyboards Per Category

The push toward a clean wireless setup has been made possible thanks to the advancements of wireless peripherals. We’ve always had wireless membrane keyboards in the past but now, more and more amazing mechanical keyboards come with a wireless variant. The G915 TKL Tenkeyless Wireless Mechanical Keyboard from Logitech comes in at around USD230, making it one of the most expensive keyboards on this list but it’s well worth it. The G915 boasts an extremely slim design, Logitech GL switches, additional media buttons, and amazing battery life. You can also keep playing all your games with the keyboard hooked up to your device via Micro USB. 

Das Keyboard 4C TKL – Tenkeyless Keyboard 

The Best Mechanical Keyboards Per Category
We’re getting into sleeker territory with the first wired Tenkeyless keyboard on the list. The Das Keyboard 4C TKL ditched the Numpad and any RGB in lieu of a silent and smaller design. This specific keyboard comes with Cherry MX brown switches and offers 2 USB pass-throughs on the left side. This tiny powerhouse can fit on most PC desks even those with a lack of workspace. A 4C TKL will set you back around USD 139, which is more than worth it.  

Fnatic Streak 65 – $74.99 – Compact Keyboard 

The Best Mechanical Keyboards Per Category
Some people look at tenkeyless keyboards and feel that it’s still not enough compactness. That’s how compact keyboards found their place on the market. The Streak 65 from the international esports organization Fnatic is a compact keyboard worth your attention. If you’re all about gaming and don’t need a lot of the extraneous keys on a standard keyboard, consider getting yourself a Streak 65. This keyboard sports Fnatic’s very own low-profile mechanical switches that feel great to the touch. The inclusion of dedicated arrow keys and four macro keys give it a leg up against other keyboards in the same category. Getting yourself a Streak 65 will set you back around USD 110.  

KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB – Split Ergonomic Keyboard 

The Best Mechanical Keyboards Per Category
If you need a non-traditional keyboard that works the way you want to, then maybe you need an ergonomic mechanical keyboard for your gaming sessions. The Freestyle Edge RGB from Kinesis will cost you around USD 220 for its unique design. The split-style keyboard sports a 20” braided linking cable that allows you a certain degree of freedom when placing this on your gaming table. You can get your pick of Cherry MX switches for the Freestyle Edge and program any of its keys as you wish. The one major drawback of this keyboard is the lack of built-in incline settings. People that like their keyboards at an angle will have to purchase a separate “lift kit.”  

Drop ENTR – Wallet-Friendly Keyboard  

One doesn’t need to break the bank to get a decent mechanical keyboard. The Drop ENTR Mechanical Keyboard will only cost around USD 90 but its build quality speaks for itself. The Drop ENTR features a simplistic design and a tenkeyless layout. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better keyboard at this price bracket despite its understandable lack of customization options. Overall, the ENTR is a fantastic entry into the world of mechanical keyboards if you’re looking for your first clicky keyboard. 

There will undoubtedly be future improvements to the world of mechanical keyboards but these entrants will be your best bet at present. Of course, there’s no beating comfort and ease of use regardless of the number of customizable buttons, media options, or RGB. Hopefully, you can get to a shop and test some of these keyboards out in person. Only now, you’d be just that much more informed about your next mechanical keyboard purchase. You’ll have to deal with keycaps and vanity artisan keycaps next. Good luck! 

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