5 Best Mobile Legends Players in the World

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5 Best Mobile Legends Players In The World 

Five of the strongest ML players in the world! 

While Mobile Legends: Bang Bang isn’t the most popular mobile MOBA game in the west, it is an absolute beast in the east. Southeast Asia is where the majority of  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players call their home. This MOBA that was released in 2016 has seen consistent and good numbers from the region and thanks to them Moonton has even established a highly sustainable esports scene. Here are some of the most popular and most skilled professional/ 5 best Mobile Legends players today:    


Jonmar ‘OhMyV33NUS’ Villaluna is the undisputed Queen of Philippine Mobile Legends. He got his start playing competitive video games with League of Legends while growing up in computer cafes in the mountain city of Antipolo in the Philippines. OhMyV33NUS said in an interview that he used to play 12 hours every day as a young kid. He then started playing Mobile Legends professionally after picking it up in 2018. It ended up being the best decision of his career.  

OhMyV33NUS is a legendary player who has gone on to win the Mobile Legends Professional League in the Philippines, the M3 Championships, and most recently a Gold Medal at the 2022 SEA Games in Mobile legends. Known to be one of the best shot-callers in the game and support players, OhMyV33NUS’s star will continue to shine bright in Mobile Legends for many years to come.   


Albert Neilsen ‘Alberttt’ Isekendar is an absolute beast of a core player from Indonesia. At 18 years old, Alberttt’s ML journey is only beginning, and with a good org like RRQ Hoshi behind him, the future looks very bright.  

One of Alberttt’s most impressive stat lines for his career is a 100% win rate on Ling in Season 7 and Season 8 of the Mobile Legends Professional League in Indonesia. Alberttt’s mechanical and game sense were on full display during those two seasons as he just had his way with his opponents as he controlled the map space for his team with Ling.   


Sanz ‘Sanz’ Gilang is a name that strikes fear in the Indonesian ML scene. He’s been a staple for internationally renowned org, ONIC Esports since joining it in 2020. He won his first championship in Season 8 of the Mobile Legends Pro League-Indonesia.  

Normally a jungler, Sanz was actually called upon to play the support role in the Indonesian National ML team in the recently concluded 2022 SEA Games. This type of flexibility is not an easy feat but Sanz looked like a natural in the support role despite Indonesia only bagging a Silver Medal.   


Grant Duane ‘Kelra’ Pillas is one of the best players to come from the Philippines in recent times. The young gold laner has consistently shown MVP-like stats in his short professional career with Omega Esports.  Kelra is normally compared to Blacklist International star Kiel ‘OHEB’ Soriano but Kelra has shown that he is in a league of his own with his raw talent. 

Kelra also interestingly came back from a media mishap where he was banned from the MPL for 2 weeks in late 2021. But the kid managed to come back stronger from it and surely matured from the incident as well. But you know what they say: the bad press is still press and Kelra is still one of the country’s most popular and strongest ML players.   


As Mobile Legends tries to globalize its brand, American Michael ‘MobaZane’ Cosgun is an iconic player who helped introduce Mobile Legends to the western audience. He was a strong factor in achieving a miraculous 3rd place with his North American team, BloodThirstyKings, at 2021’s M3 World Championship in Mobile Legends. While MobaZane’s achievements pale in comparison to the other players on this list, his influence and reach bump him up big time. MobaZane even traveled to the Philippines hoping to break into the local scene of one of the established meccas of Mobile Legends.  

For the longest time, the world championship of Mobile Legends was basically just teams from Southeast Asia, and having a North American team do that well was a huge milestone for the global brand of the game. MobaZane even traveled to the Philippines hoping to break into the local scene of one of the established meccas of Mobile Legends.  


Who do you think is the strongest and 5 best Mobile Legends players in your opinion that belongs on the list? Let us know in the comments below! 


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