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Use Your Robux Wisely

Use your Robux Wisely

How to Use Robux Wisely 

A constant battle between value and cost.

Roblox gives its players near-unlimited enjoyment with endless games at absolutely no cost. However, as multiple free esports titles have proven, free-to-play hardly stops players from spending money on the games they love. 

Microtransactions used to be treated as such a blight in the gaming industry. Recently, a lot of people have cooled off on the concept. It all boils down to how much we would be willing to spend on games we love to get fun new stuff or simply support the developers. Roblox handles microtransactions in a somewhat elegant manner with the cleverly named “Robux” currency. 

We wanted to help anyone with random Robux in their account figure out what the best ways to use them were. Unfortunately, there are thousands of ways you can spend your hard-earned Robux on. Beyond that, there are a lot of items and passes that just aren’t worth the money. What you spend your Robux on relies heavily on several factors including personal taste and willingness to buy. With that said, we’ve compiled a few pointers that could help you in your future Robux spending. 


How To Make This Outfit In 295 ROBUX 

Cosmetic microtransactions are some of the most common purchasable goods in any game. There is a wide variety of community-made avatars that you can get your hands on. Roblox outfits ranging from Anime-themed costumes to stylish streetwear can help set you apart from your fellow players. Now, cosmetic upgrades do nothing except help make your avatar look the way you want it to. It does absolutely nothing to modify the playing experience besides looking cooler. The issue of cosmetics is a polarizing issue for those unwilling to spend money on purely aesthetic changes. However, it’s your Robux! If you want your avatar to look like Boruto’s Dad, who’s gonna stop you?  


7 Things I Stopped Buying on Roblox (SAVE THOUSANDS OF ROBUX) 

If you want to make Robux purchases that help you in your favorite Roblox games, you have to look at Gamepasses. These might sound suspiciously close to the industry-wide Battle Pass system where players pay a fee to open up a rewards-based event tracker. Roblox Gamepasses are mostly single-purchase game bonuses that developers add to their creations. You could reach out to the players of the specific Roblox games you frequent and ask them what gamepasses are worth it but there’s something more important to figure out before then. 

There seems to be a consensus in the Roblox community that a lot of players end up wasting their Robux. This is because an impulse Robux expense is a complete waste of money if you never use the content. Before thinking about what gamepass to get, make sure you’ll be playing the game enough that justifies spending real-life money. That’s it. It’s your Robux and it’s yours to do with as you see fit. However, if you purchase gamepasses for a game you won’t play more than two times, it’s a massive waste. 

Roblox Games You Need to Play

If you want to spend Robux on gamepasses to support your favorite developers, you’re also free to do so. If you love playing Survive the Disasters 2 you can purchase a 500 Robux game pass that awards you with additional coins or a small 80 Robux game pass to get additional votes to play the maps you want. Not every game pass is created equal so make sure to look into what bonuses you want for your favorite games. You simply need to check the Store tab on any Roblox game page on the official Roblox website. 

Of course, if you’re so inclined to never spend another Robux from your wallet, you can make your gamepasses. 


How to Make Your Own Gamepass 

How to make a working game pass in ROBLOX(2021) 

If you’re a Roblox game maker and want to make your own Robux instead of topping up every single time you want a new outfit, it’s absolutely easy to make your gamepass. You simply need to check your game creations on the Roblox back-end and click the Create Game Pass option in the settings dropdown menu in any of your public game creations. 

Roblox sets itself apart from other games that have microtransactions by allowing its players to earn their in-game currency. If you’re lucky enough to make a successful Roblox game, then you might just be able to purchase any outfit or gamepass your heart desires without shelling out a single cent. Hopefully, this guide helps you think about your next Robux purchase. 



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Roblox Games You Need to Play


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