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Pokemon UNITE For Beginners

Pokemon UNITE For Beginners

Here is a glimpse of Pokemon UNITE for beginners. When the Pokemon franchise decided to dip its feet into the highly congested  MOBA genre with a new game called Pokemon Unite, the majority of the world didn’t think the game would be very successful. But Pokemon Unite was a breath of refreshing air for the genre with its unique take on MOBA gaming. Gone are the towers MOBas have become known for and it introduced a scoring system more akin to football or basketball.

Pokemon Unite was a cult hit using the beloved IP with a fun and unique take on the 5v5 battle arena. Unlike most MOBAs with a crazy steep learning curve, Unite can be easily learned at your own pace and there is even a bunch of Pokemon tailor-made for beginners. So if you’re a newbie looking to get into Unite, you should start by playing with these Pokemon. 

All-Rounder Pokémon 

There are different types of Pokemon depending on their playstyle. An easy archetype to kick off Pokemon Unite with is the All-Rounders which have the most balanced stats in the game as their name suggests.  


The iconic Charizard is the lone All-Rounder on this list. Charizard starts off the game as the adorable Charmander which adds to the charm of picking this Pokemon as your ‘starter’. Charizard is a solid ranged character with a tankiness and a Unite Move that allows him to fly high and rain fireballs from above.   

Attacker Pokémon

The Attacker Pokemon are the tips of the spear in any team’s office. They provide the bulk of the damage to any line-up and are very important in setting up goals and controlling objectives around the map.   


If Charizard isn’t iconic for you then look no further than the ultimate Pokemon mascot Pikachu. Much like Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu, this Pikachu also won’t evolve into Raichu. Pikachu packs a lot of voltage for offense in its small body and is also one of the most mobile Pokemon in the game. Pikachu can nuke enemies down and has the ability to get out of a pinch.  


The ranged Cinderace comes with a number of different melee abilities that make him a very flexible Attacker Pokemon for varying playstyles. With Cinderace, you can go for Blaze Kick for more damage and Feint for more survivability while leveling the Pokemon up. Cinderace’s Passive Ability, ‘Blaze’ powers up its basic attacks after using abilities so timing is key for this Pokemon.   

Defender Pokémon

Defender Pokemon hold the front line and protect the rest of the squad with various abilities and high raw HP. If you like playing the tank for your team you should pick up a Defender Pokemon.  


The absolute unit himself in the Pokemon series, Snorlax, is an imposing figure at the front of the action. Snorlax has a very high defense stat and with abilities that can help him secure space for his team with Block and provide additional CC like Yawn. Snorlax provides good utility for any team and can be a useful ally even in the hands of a beginner.  

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Speedster Pokémon 

The Speedsters are the most mobile characters. But speed means less HP and defense so you have to be careful when using Speedsters because they are glass cannons in every sense of the word.   


Zeraora is a Speedster Pokemon with equal amounts of mobility, damage, and survivability. Its passive allows every third normal attack to paralyze opponents as well as restore some of its own HP. The Unite Move of Zeraora unleashes a blast of lightning in a large area that increases the damage dealt and the attack range. This Pokemon is also one of the easier Speedsters to play making this perfect character in Pokemon UNITE for beginners.  

Support Pokémon

Support Pokemon help their teams via healing or buffs. Some Pokemon like Hoopa even have good mobility and tankiness. But Support Pokemon are for those who like playing healers and just helping their team from the frontline or backline.   


Edelgoss is the stereotypical Support Pokemon and provides her team with a lot of buffs and heals. On top of her heals she can even buff the movement speed of allies and provide the ever-important damage-absorption shields. Edelgoss’ Unite Move provides her with the invulnerability to heal allies safely, disrupt opponents’ formation, and even escape from a pinch. 


Pokemon Unite is a great game to pick up fans of the Pokemon franchise and for those who want to get into a MOBA for the first time. Plus since it’s a Nintendo game you know there will be less toxicity compared to other games in the genre.  


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