Breath of the Wild 2: The Things We Hope To See

Breath of the Wild 2

We Hope To See These in Breath of the Wild 2 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild officially launched back in 2017 after an extended development period and it quickly captured the hearts of millions. Nintendo flipped the Zelda script with Breath of the Wild and it was almost unrecognizable compared to the Zelda games of the past. The open-world post-apocalyptic Zelda received both praise and complaints but it ultimately went on to win Game of the Year in that year’s Video Game Awards. Now, a new Breath of the Wild game is on the horizon and everybody and their mother has a wish list of what they want to see in the sequel.  

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Gameplay Trailer 

Nintendo graced us with a quick gameplay trailer last year and it already revealed a few things that would already be an impressive addition to the BOTW world. Unfortunately, the sequel’s release date was delayed, allowing us to discuss what we would like to see in BOTW 2. 

Breathe Life Into Hyrule 

The sprawling world of Breath of the Wild was filled with a variety of puzzles, enemies, and landmarks but it still did leave a feeling of sparseness. It makes sense that a world plunged into 100 years of Calamity Ganon would not be vibrant and lively. The game has around eight major towns and several stables scattered across the map but that’s about it. We’d love to see more major settlements in Breath of the Wild 2 if enough time has passed since the end of the first game. Heck, we’d be willing to help with town construction like the Tarrey Town construction in the first game. 

Right to Self-Repair 

This one’s a no-brainer. A lot of players quickly complained about the addition of a durability system for Breath of the Wild’s weapons. Nintendo stated that the system was added to encourage players to test a variety of weapons. It doesn’t completely derail the gameplay but it was a little cumbersome to juggle weapon durabilities as you trekked through Hyrule.  

We’re not suggesting a complete removal of the system. It could be helpful if they added a way to repair weapons that are close to shattering. They already sort of have this in the first game! Once you find the iconic Hylian Shield, you can then purchase it from a Tarrey Town merchant should you ever lose it. Breakable weapons are okay, Nintendo, but it’s a little annoying to have to remember where you got the weapons you like on the map each time a Blood Moon event resets the item spawns. 

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The Legend of Zelda 

It’s been the subject of many online jokes that Zelda gets to have her name front and center on every game while leaving most of the literally heavy work to Link. In Breath of the Wild, the story focused heavily on Zelda’s attempts to train her own powers in the face of an oncoming calamity. Yet despite that, Zelda spent most of the actual game time trapped in the Hyrule Castle with very little screen time outside of the flashbacks. Well, we’ve known since the first BOTW 2 trailer that Zelda will be playing a more active role in the story, so why don’t we take it one step further? 

The idea of having Zelda help Link out in his travels is by no means a new idea. Link had Zelda accompany him during the adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Princess Zelda has also been a playable character in the past thanks to Hyrule Warriors (and Super Smash Bros.). It’s about time for Zelda to start making a name for herself and show just why she deserves to have her name on the game box. A playable Zelda in BOTW 2 or even having her a helpful companion in certain segments would be very welcome. 


Frames of the Wild  

Now, this one isn’t so much a problem with the gameplay, the story, or the setting. Breath of the Wild is an amazing Zelda game. Unfortunately, it proved to be a little too amazing in some parts of the game for the Nintendo Switch. The absolute majesty of this amazing Zelda game was held back in some respects because of hardware limitations. We know that this would honestly require some sort of Nintendo Switch Pro to be released but we’re still hoping for a chance to play the amazing sequel (and the first BOTW) on at least 1080p 60FPS.

The Return of Tingle 

Why not? 


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